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    How old were you?

    How old were you when you moved out of your parents house? I just got my own place not too long ago and my mom says I shouldn't have left but I felt that I was ready.
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    Video Games and Your Man

    Does your guy play video games? Do you play with him? I recently started playing this wizard game with my man. We have fun going around to different worlds and using spells on the different creatures. I'm not big into games but it does give us something to do together other than sex lol.
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    Running into an Ex

    My mom told me today that she ran into an ex boyfriend of mine at a restaurant. She said that she had talked to him but that she didn't think that he knew who she was. She said that he was about 400lbs and when I dated him he was only 260lbs. He was 6'2" tall and I'm 5'3" tall so there was a bit...
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    Guys who open the door

    I had been dating this guy who would open the car door or door to the restaurant every time. Yes it was nice after a while but then it started to annoy me because I can open the door for myself. I didn't know how to bring it up with him and finally I just broke up with him with no explanation. I...
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    I would like to do more boating with friends but I get really sea sick. Is there anything that I can take other than that over the counter stuff? Is there certain foods that I can eat that would calm my stomach or drink some soda to calm it to where I won't throw up?
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    Ghost Whisperer

    Does anyone watch Jennifer Love Hewitt's Ghost Whisperer? I recently started watching and just hate the story line. I can't believe that she is ready to have kids with her husband and then they kill him off but make his spirit go into another dudes body. Weird is all I have to say.
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    Buying a new car

    I was thinking of buying a new car since I am starting to have problems with the one I currently own. I have about 98,000 miles on my used car and I was wanting to trade it in for a hybrid but I don't know which one is the best. Can anyone give me advice on buying a hybrid car?
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    How do you pamper yourself

    What are some ways you pamper yourself? I may go and have my nails done or visit a spa. It's always a good thing to take care of yourself and to set time aside for yourself. So, let's hear all the pampering tips.
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    Bride Wars

    I thought the movie Bride Wars would have been funnier but I don't think I laughed at all while watching it. I hope they don't have a sequel but it seems like they might because of the ending. Has anyone else seen this move? If so, what did you think?
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    People in AZ Watching Super Bowl Get A Surprise

    Did you hear that people in Tucson, AZ watching the Super Bowl on Sunday got a surprise as Larry Fitzgerald ran for a touchdown? I guess as this play was happening someone or something affected the live feed and these people got 30 seconds of hardcore porn on their television. This only happened...
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    Monster.com got hacked

    Here we go again people. If you have a resume on Monster.com then you better go and change your password because Monster was hacked and they got access to resumes, addresses and names of people. Is nothing safe anymore? So the people who are trying to find work now have to worry about people...
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    Ashton Kutcher Goes Crazy

    Did anyone see this story about Ashton Kutcher going crazy on a video blog about his neighbor? I guess the neighbor is having construction done and they started work at 7:30am well, Ashton took to his video blog and was saying that he was gonna kill his neighbor and calling him all these...
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    Illinois Governor gets the boot

    What do you think about Governor Blagojevich getting impeached? I think that he shouldn't have done what he did, trying to sell President Obama's seat.
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    Jessica Simpson

    I've seen the pics of Jessica Simpson and even though I am not a fan of hers, I don't think she is fat. If she was skinny they would say she needs a burger and now that she has put on some weight they say she is fat. She just can't win.
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    Who's your favorite comic?

    I like Lisa Lampanelli. I know she has a fowl mouth but that is her act. I tend to like the insult comics because they are only saying what everyone is thinking and they don't really care if it offends you or not.
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    Fergie and Josh Duhamel Wed!

    Finally these two got married. She is one lucky lady if you don't mind me saying. He is hotter than hot. I thought she looked very pretty in her wedding dress but I think she could have done a little more with her hair. What do you all think?
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    KB Toys

    I buy my niece and nephew toys from KB toys all the time but I just read an article that said they were going bankrupt and going to be closing the doors. Now I have to find a different store to buy nice but cheap (but not too cheap) toys for them.
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    Annoying Me

    I've been dating this guy for a while now but it's at a point in our relationship were everything he does is starting to annoy me. How do I know if it's time to dump him or not? I love him but can't stand to be with him, if that makes any sense.
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    Cold or Warm?

    What weather do you like the most, cold or warm? I would rather the temps be around 70-75 or I could even live with 65-70 degree weather. Right now we have a wind chill advisory and tonight they said it is going down to -23 (that's with the wind chill). I can't take it when it's cold. What about...
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    Lindsay Lohan and Sam Ronson

    Not that I really care what they do behind closed doors, but what you do think is really going on with them? I wonder if they are still together or if it's a show for the cameras. Also how can one be straight one second and bi or gay the next?