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  1. Heather

    Favorite scary movie??

    Which one do you like??
  2. Heather

    Moving in together

    I was just curious on how everyone thought would be the perfect time to move in with your boyfriend/girlfriend??
  3. Heather

    What do u think

    How do people feel about video games?
  4. Heather

    Any one with kids

    Okay I have a question for everyone. Now my kids are good out in public and when we go places but when we are home its a whole other ball game. I can control them. I spank my kids when need to be and raise my voice doesn't work. I take things away from them and it doesn't work. What should I do...
  5. Heather

    Favorite type of music

    What do you like more??
  6. Heather


    I'm just curious to see what people think??
  7. Heather

    I'm new

    Hello my name is Heather. I'm brand new here just signed up. Been looking for a good forum to sign up for and this one seemed really good.