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    How often do you check?

    It is recommend that you check them about a week after your period, so they aren't swollen because of that. If you aren't having periods anymore, just pick a day that you can remember to check them each month.You can examine them while you take a shower. I don't know how to say this without...
  2. K

    How many breast cancer survivors do we have here?

    I have heard the same thing. That is one reason I breast-fed all my children. My mother breast-fed all her children, as well. Even though we both breast-fed multiple children, we still got severe cases of cancer. In my case, it is hereditary. Since, so many of the generations of my family have...
  3. K

    How many breast cancer survivors do we have here?

    I was just wondering. It might help if we tell each other a summary of our individual stories to give hope to someone else. I have a friend who has survived it three times. I have been a survivor for 5 1/2 years. Yay me!!! I know there is always a possibility that it will come back. But, I want...
  4. K

    How often do you check?

    It may surprise you the number of new breast cancer diagnosis that occur every year. Not, all of them are caught early either. I just wanted to remind everyone to do their monthly exam. It may seem tedious, but it could very well save your life. It did mine.:)
  5. K

    Black Friday

    I went last year to Wal-mart. I was there at 5 a.m. It was so funny. They had pallets wrapped in plastic. There were people all gathered around the pallets with a couple of security people telling them not to touch anything until they said it was o.k. Yeah right, ;). Ladies were grabbing 3 or 4...
  6. K

    God's Pharmacy

    That was absolutely amazing information. I have never heard that before. Do you mind if I tell it to the kids? I'm sure they will think it's pretty cool, too.
  7. K

    Is there a handsome and nice guy out there?

    You could put an ad out for one. I'm sure you would only get honest answers back, right? Well, maybe not. It would be nice though, if you could just place your order for the perfect guy and have him show up at your door with flowers and no hangups.
  8. K

    What song have you got in the closet?

    Ha..ha. I probably shouldn't admit this, but...when my husband and I went dancing a few decades ago and the song "I wanna bee-bop with you baby" came on, I thought it was talking about dancing. So, I always liked dancing to it. Once I started requesting it, my darling husband told me what it...
  9. K

    Should Cell Phones Be Banned While Driving?

    Where I live it is against the law to drive while talking and holding a phone. But, I still see people do it all the time. I have even seen someone drive holding a cellphone with one hand and holding a cigarette with her other hand. She must have been driving with her knees. She wasn't going...
  10. K

    The most important thing in your life!

    Okay, that's an easy question for me. My most important gadget is my laptop. I don't leave home without it. On the occasion that I have, I regretted it. I spend most of my time on it, for one reason or another. I can't stand sitting around in town without it. Whether it be at a doctor's office...
  11. K

    Do you smoke?

    Hi, my name is Kara and I like the smell of cigarette smoke. I don't smoke myself, I just like the way it smells. I know, it's weird. I have actually tried over the years to smoke one occasionally, but never really got hooked. So, I figured why bother. I don't know why I even tried, it was...
  12. K


    Thanks dear. I fixed Hamburger Helper and it was pretty good, if I do say so myself. Let's get this party started. Of course, it obviously has been started for a while. Thanks for letting me crash it. :D
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    Thanks Scorpirulz. Wow, that is a pretty cool name you have. I am looking forward to jumping right in, after I finish my supper. I just luv girl talk. :)
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    Oh wow! This is too cool. I just love the design. I can't believe I found a forum where us girls can just be ourselves and have fun. See ya around the board. Whoo....hooo :D