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  1. Stella

    Hello Everyone!

    Hey Rose, That is a beautiful name!!! I am Stella and i am a student in the university of Sheffield
  2. Stella

    Hey People! :)

    Hello everyone, I am Stella, 25 year old PhD student
  3. Stella

    Anyone from Sheffield Uk?

    Hello, I am wondering if there is anyone living in Sheffield in UK?
  4. Stella

    What Are You Listening To?

    sex on fire -kings of leon
  5. Stella

    High Heels.

    Hello!!! I really like wearing high heels but it depend about the situation. For example if i go to a party or to dinner i usually wear 12 points. Or just for a coffee with friends i prefer 8 points and now during the winter high hell boots !
  6. Stella

    Hello! my name is Elisa

    Hey Elisa!!! I am Stella. I am from Cyprus but i currently live in Munich for my master degree. I also play guitar and piano. I love listening to rock music and i prefer to play rock ballads on my guitar!
  7. Stella

    Last film you watched?

    Despicable me 2 It´s just perfect!!!
  8. Stella


    Hey Danchy!! Welcome to the forum!! How old are you ?
  9. Stella

    Hiya! :)

    Hey!!! You are from Italy...Oh i love that country... I have never been to Milan but i visit Rome, Florence and Venice... You have great food very sweet and polite people and very handsome men!!! :)
  10. Stella

    Read the book or watch the movie?

    I am so agree with you... Because i am fan of Dan Brown Books when i watch the Da Vinci Code and The angles and demons i was so disappointed
  11. Stella

    Dan Brown- Inferno

    thanks!!! I will let you know :) I Definitely recommend to read it :)
  12. Stella

    Read the book or watch the movie?

    Defiantly the book!!!
  13. Stella

    Dan Brown- Inferno

    Too many surprise in the plot!! On friday eventually i finish with my university exams and then i totally consternated with Inferno
  14. Stella

    Dark circles under the eyes

    Hello every one The last days i work a lot of hours in frond of a computer and i sleep few hours.. This is lead to Dark circles under the eyes.. I try to rest a little bit but this period it's very busy. Can you suggest any good and effective creme for the dark cycles ?
  15. Stella

    Dan Brown- Inferno

    I read fifty shades of Grey because so may people told about that book... But in my opinion to much 'noise' for nothing... I am not fan of Lord of the ring but i stack with the Game of thrones :). I also read many books from Agatha Christie.
  16. Stella

    Dan Brown- Inferno

    During Oktoberfest there are delicious traditional german food and also many sweets!! I prefer the sweets than the beer ;) The previews book i read it was the Fifty Shades of Grey . A friend of mine give it to me. It was also a nice book but a little bit weird... I also read all Harry...
  17. Stella

    The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams!!!

    The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams!!!
  18. Stella

    Your Family

    Hello I am 23 in a relationship. I am with my boyfriend a year and a half. I have only one brother. He is living with my parents back to my island , Cyprus. For the moment i move to Munich, Germany for my master degree. I have my own apartment but a lot of times i miss my home....
  19. Stella

    Dan Brown- Inferno

    I like reading books but only Dan Brown makes me stuck with his books!! Actually i am not from Germany. I am from Cyprus. From September i move to Munich to have my master degree. But Munich is also a nice city! With big parks, lakes , museums , castles and of course to much beer!!! In the end...
  20. Stella

    Dan Brown- Inferno

    Rome, Florence , Venice and the Vatican !! Each city has it's own Beauty !!! Vatican City is so imposing !!! Florence with the flowers!!! i could live forever there Venice so romantic And of course Rome with all this ancient monuments... I definitely will come again!!