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  1. Countryangel7

    Ok What Is Going On With My Body????

    Ok so I am 18 and have had my period since I was 10. I was suppose to get my period 11 days ago and I've been having lower back cramps, side cramps, and ovarian cramps. I have to keep peeing and it feels like my kidneys that are hurting. Well today i am getting brown spotting here and there. I...
  2. Countryangel7

    What's going on with my body .

    Ok so On June 28th ( today is July 18) i went on a date to the movies with my boyfriend he is 15 i am 17 , i am not allowed to date till i graduate and i was with my mom and she said i could go to the movies with a friend so i went with him we have been together 2 years. we sat at the very top...
  3. Countryangel7

    Whats your question?

    If you have any questions post them here and i will try to answer the. if they are more private you can just private message me and i would be glad to answer them for you the best that i can.
  4. Countryangel7

    What is your way of working out and staying fit?

    My way would be with yoga, boxing, and horseback. I also work around my farm/Ranch.
  5. Countryangel7

    How to do a messy bun?

    Ok so this is literally probably the easiest hair style and iv'e watched like what seems a thousand vids on how to do a messy bun and iv'e tried a lot of different methods but none of them seem to work ugh. any tips of advice.? i have Long Long, Layered hair and side bands. my hair is also kinda...
  6. Countryangel7

    What,s you style ?

    What's your style girls? To answer my own question my style would be Western, country, boho. ( and sometimes a little retro) but mainly country western.
  7. Countryangel7

    Nail Art Contest

    How should i do my nails for a nail art contest
  8. Countryangel7

    How to make money online for a teen?

    Hey everybody i am an older teen(within 16-19) and i was just wondering is there any ways for me to make money online besides surveys and polls and stuff. ?? thanks y'all God Bless :)
  9. Countryangel7

    Who likes Country Music?♥

    Who here likes Country music ?
  10. Countryangel7

    Im new

    Hey girls