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  1. shanzi

    Hi all.

    Hi welcome!
  2. shanzi

    Should i get a boob reduction?

    My advice here would be, do whatever makes you most comfortable and happy : )
  3. shanzi

    What is normal for a teen girl to ask for?

    My 16th birthday is coming up in July and I have no clue what I want. What is normal for teenage girls to ask for, I mean yh clothes and makeup but what else? Plz help and share ideas
  4. shanzi

    I feel so ugly!

    Hey yes she is!
  5. shanzi

    What song makes you cry.

    7 years old Say something
  6. shanzi

    Tampon issue

    Whether or not u use light medium or large tampons depends on how heavy her periods are. And no the petroleum jelly won't irritate her vagina, I know this as I have always used it myself. I hope this helps u and ur daughter!
  7. shanzi

    Recommend A Book!

    The fault in hour stars
  8. shanzi

    Tampon issue

    When a girl is first using a tampon it can b very hard to put in and also so b painful so she may have been tense so try telling her to relax a bit. Also u can try using application tampons or put some petroleum jelly on the end of the tampon which will help it slide in more comfortably. Gd luck!
  9. shanzi

    Makeup Brushes?

    That's the same for me sometimes, I think it just depends on where u buy them from, maybe ask people where they buy there's from and their experience with those brushes
  10. shanzi

    What is a BB Cream for?

    Hi, I used to use BBC however it didn't feel nice on my face and gave a crusty sort of effect so I recommend foundation as it looks and feels nicer also u can get a cost free skin test so u can find ur exact shade for ur skin. I hope this helps u!
  11. shanzi

    Copper IUD

    Hmmm, ok well how long have u had ur copper iud, if a long time and the pain have been a side effect the whole time perhaps ur doctor could find a type of medication to help with the pain. Gd luck hun, I hope the pain goes soon for u!
  12. shanzi

    Hello, nice to meet you all

    Welcome to GF!
  13. shanzi

    Do you have any favorite book series?

    I like the series about a boy Flynn and river, the first book is called falling fast, I also love the series noughts and crosses!
  14. shanzi

    Last film you watched?

    It's definitely a very good film, but it's not at all scary, not sure bout the 2nd 1 tho but planning on watching that this Halloween.
  15. shanzi

    Shampoo criticism

    Thanks, glad to know I'm not the only one who uses and prefers the cheaper brands!
  16. shanzi

    Is having calloused feet a good thing?

    I agree with what davie 2010 said, also I think there are probably pros and cons to having calloused feet.
  17. shanzi

    Last film you watched?

    The Halloween film the sleepover on Netflix
  18. shanzi

    What are your favorite clothes to wear at the moment

    Summer is nearly back again and so Is the warm weather so a cute crop top( not too cropped) and a nice pair of shorts
  19. shanzi

    where do i meet guys?

    Bummer alert, he was never rlly into me, so I guess I'll just keep trying
  20. shanzi

    Hello Beautiful and strong ladies

    Hey, welcome to GF!