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  1. Joconda

    Love spells

    What? In what century do you live?
  2. Joconda

    skin care routine

    I've tried a lot of different skin care products, but I really like the Korean step system right now. This is cleansing, toning, moisturizing and additional care.
  3. Joconda

    Lipstick in Winter?

    I really like the fuchsia color. This color is great for brunettes and blondes.
  4. Joconda

    Do you shave your legs girls?

    Oh no, I don't like my hairy legs and of course I use a razor or wax. In my opinion, a woman should have smooth legs - it's beautiful.
  5. Joconda

    Any tips for filling in my eyebrows naturally?

    You can try eyebrow oil. This will improve growth. By the way, I also have sparse eyebrows and I use eyebrow shadows and soap. In addition, a felt-tip pen gives a very good effect. But I wouldn't risk getting an eyebrow tattoo.