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    How's everyone doing?

    How's everyone? Have you hydrated yourself? I learned today that my daily intake of water is about 2 liters. I used a formula found online to know what is my recommended daily water intake. You can try it out too.
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    Challenge yourself

    We have the ability to do more. Why not start with the smaller things. Small improvements tend to work better and get better results. I do it by challenging my workout routine. I try to hit my desired target every time and increase the difficulty for a better workout. How about you? Simple as it...
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    Have you heard of hair burning treatment?

    My colleague tried this treatment whereby they use fire to remove body hair. She complained about the pain. Even if it's not that severe, I don't think I would try it. Have you heard of this treatment before?
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    Nails Split

    I was sitting in class the other day, and I had this little devil annoying me half the time. I didn't have a nail clipper with me, so I had no choice but to try to pull it off myself. Thinking back. It might not have been a good idea, but it worked. Tell me, What would you have done?
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    What is a BB Cream for?

    What is a BB Cream for? Is it essential for makeup? I personally feel that I could manage with less makeup on and a little sunscreen. Are BBCream the same as Foundation?
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    Makeup Brushes?

    Is it better to pick the more expensive brushes or is it just the same? I have been using the cheaper brushes, but I find them unsatisfying. Is it just me?
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    Is Honey good for you?

    I love honey, and it has its benefits. High-quality honey is rich in antioxidants. Too much of a good thing is still bad for you. But it doesn't stop me from having some. In moderation, yes I believe it could be okay. Do check with your dietician before having some honey.
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    Why do I have Backaches?

    Have you experience Backaches, and you can't get rid of them? Staying In bed all day might be the cause of it—time to put exercise in your schedule and keep active. With enough exercise, you can strengthen your core muscles to make the back pain go away. Initial studies show that going for walks...
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    What do you love about living?

    I love Nature. I can't live without it. I admit I'm outgoing. I do have my alone time, sometimes. But I enjoy going out and enjoy the beautiful scenery. It calms my mind and makes me think more deeply.
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    Have you tried?....This...

    Is it true that Apple Cider Vinegar might aid in weight loss and boost skin health? I've only seen it online recently and read about the other few benefits it has. I must say it's really interesting.
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    I tried buying workout clothes

    I don't remember the last time I went shopping. But I do know that what I bought really was worth the money. It motivated me to kept running.
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    I like to blend. Do you?

    I blend my fruits and vegetables after workouts and even add egg whites for protein. What do you drink after workouts?
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    Do you think that...

    Life is sweet at first, but as you grow into adults, it slowly turns bitter-sweet, and eventually, you get used to it?
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    Do you have a signature scent?

    I love the floral scents of my perfume, like most people. But I've ever wondered. Does everyone have their own signature scent? So I did a trial and error to determine which one best suits me.
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    How do I use a dry shampoo?

    I've been wondering what dry shampoo is. I've seen it on shelves every time I go shopping but didn't have the time to really inspect it. Can anyone tell me the purpose of dry shampoo?
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    How do you dry your hair?

    I got a lot of comments when I did my hair. I got compliments most of the time, but this time someone told me that what I'm doing to my hair will soon make me bald. Maybe their concern was the hairdryer. There are important factors to note from what I read before using a hairdryer. Misusing it...
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    What type of bag do you carry?

    Have you ever thought that what you bring out is just unnecessary? I brought my keys, purse, and just a portable charger in my big handbag. I thought to myself. How can I bring less and carry less? Yet, I carried the same old tote bag with me, and It's rather boring and in the way. Then It hit...
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    How's everyone?

    I hope everyone is fine. Let's share ways on how we relax. Mine is meditating. After I wake up, I sit down on the floor and breathe in and out slowly, focusing solely on my breathing. Once my timer goes off, It's time to make breakfast. How do you spend your morning?
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    I need some answers..

    Is it true if your face is oily is most likely because it is dry?
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    I bought this online. Hope it was worth it :)

    I bought this online, and I'm still waiting for it to arrive. I had a special code sent to me via Instagram Direct. I thought I gave it a try. It wasn't that expensive, so I don't mind.