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  1. shanzi

    What is normal for a teen girl to ask for?

    My 16th birthday is coming up in July and I have no clue what I want. What is normal for teenage girls to ask for, I mean yh clothes and makeup but what else? Plz help and share ideas
  2. shanzi

    Prom hairstyles

    Hi guys, so my prom is coming up in May and I want some ideas of how to have my hair so if u cud post some pics or ideas that wub b gr8. Also my hair is short, it sits midway of the middle of my bra area. The dress is red by the way. Thank u so much !
  3. shanzi

    Shampoo criticism

    I use this rlly cheap brand of shampoo which is conditioner and shampoo in 1, some1 then said "omygosh shanaya ur hair is soooo soft wot shampoo do u use so I told them and then every1 was like "ugh that brand is sooo cheap u shud invest in high quality expert ones" like wot the hell , this was...
  4. shanzi


    R most of the perfumes u own expensive or cheap, I was just wondering cos lots of girls only post picks of expensive ones and if u don't own expensive ones it like u smell horrible. I don't understand this at all
  5. shanzi

    Insecurity issue

    So I have rlly tiny books they r like 32 a and I'm yr 11. They started growing in yr 6 and stopped in yr nine and haven't grown since. I'm rlly secure about this especially as most girls in my year are at least 34b and none 32 a or below. Girls I have to wear bras that have at least 1cm thick...
  6. shanzi

    What are ur fave beauty hacks

    Mine is making home made lip scrub. Feel free to post recipes on ur fave beauty hacks or just tell us what they r.
  7. shanzi

    Hmm coconut oil?

    So I heard coconut oil makes ur hair grow alot thicker and quicker and I really wanna try it. So how often do u apply it? When do u apply it? Does it actually work?
  8. shanzi

    How do u deal with all the drama

    So I'm a typical teen age 15 nearly 16 and of course there is a ton of never ending teenage drama in my life and so I was wondering how u girls deal with all ur teenage drama. Please feel free to share ur experiences so we can support each other. Share about anything u want
  9. shanzi

    Would u do this and how?

    So I heard that if u remove all the teeny tiny hairs on ur face it leaves it a lot smoother and clearer. Thing is my face is a little spotty so how would I do this? And is it even true? Thx u guys
  10. shanzi

    I dont know wat to do

    My boyf often gets his phone taken away alot cos his relationship ship with his parents is horrible but I really love him soooo much but I'm wondering shud I still keep an eye out for other guys. I 100% trust him and know he would never cheat or hurt me but still I'm so lost..... Please give...
  11. shanzi

    Lip care routine

    What products do u use on ur lips? How do u stop them from going dry and cracking? What is ur daily routine
  12. shanzi

    What is it about....?

    What is it about breasts and girls bums that boys love so much ? It rlly confuses me and I definitely wanna know
  13. shanzi

    What are your favorite clothes to wear at the moment

    What do u love to wear at the moment during this lockdown For me it's just really comfy clothes like a cute warm jumper with my grey joggers and a pair of big fluffy socks especially as there is some snow where I am at the moment. What about you guys?
  14. shanzi

    How do u deal with new love interests

    Feel free to share how u deal with new love interests for example 1. Do u let the guy approach u or other way round 2. Do u wait for him to ask for ur number or do u ask for his 3. Do u txt him first or does he txt u first Pretty much how do u deal with new crushes please share and help...
  15. shanzi

    What products do u girls use?

    What beauty products do u use this can include makeup and other beauty products too. How do u like to apply ur makeup?
  16. shanzi

    How do you...?

    Hi girls, how do u remove ur leg hair and pubes
  17. shanzi

    i have a bit of an issue

    so i have an ex but whenever i end up seeing him again (which seems unavoidable cos whenever i think i wont have to see him again i do cos of this new arranged trip that happens at least once a year) anyway whenever i go on this trip he always ends up having feelings for me again and we have...
  18. shanzi

    revision techniques(sorry i couldnt find the right category for this)

    Hi guys, so i have just finished my yr 11 mocks and realised i need a new revision technique so was wondering if you could share some of yours. i was thinking i could go thru old tests and exams and make flashcards from questions i got wrong. wot do u think?
  19. shanzi

    What colour please?

    so basically im a mix race teen girl with lips the colour of say a darkish cappuccino and am looking for the right shade of matte lipstick but cant find it to save my life so was wondering if any1 can help me and post ones they use. it would b gr8 to have a pic too and the name tho the pic isnt...
  20. shanzi

    What colour?

    keeping in mind im not allowed things like jewelery or unnatural hair dye at school i was won