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  1. shyramarie

    Why New Thread Of Mine No Show As New Post

    yesterday i add new threads but no surface on "New Post"? i don't understand if do something wrong PLEASE HELP
  2. shyramarie

    Humiliating A Boyfriend

    girls, i have been dating a guy for about two months on and off. He is a handsome muscular white english senior at my high school with a great personality and is awesome sexually. we have a lot in common about sports, friends, clothing and especially over active hormones, we are always making...
  3. shyramarie

    Sex Education

    due to taiwan gender knowledge education act of 2004 it is common in taiwan to for sex education including proper use of condoms and birth control devices to begin in the third or fourth grade where students are eight to ten years old. free condoms and birth control pills are available in the...
  4. shyramarie

    attracted to older guys

    i am fifteen but don't enjoy being with guys my age. i am attracted to older me like maybe twenty five years old. i have only talked with them but two men about twenty five say they would like to date me. so far oldest guys i dated was seventeen. do you think my behavior is normal? my...
  5. shyramarie


    i have only been attracted to girls since i was twelve. lately i have been dreaming of making love to a latino guy that is in my math and englsh class. he is aggressively persuing me every day. i have told him i am lesbian but he continues to flirt with me. i am starting to think i might be...
  6. shyramarie


    Hi I Be Shyra Clifford. I am 15 Years old filipina girl live in taichung taiwan. i interested get acquainted with international girls