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  1. girlyfriendcollecting

    How To Stretch Out Shoes To Not Get Blisters?

    how do I stretch out shoes to not get blisters? I get blisters so easily, because most of the shoe options for women sandals and ballet flats are so uncomfortable in terms of material. I try wearing socks, still get blisters, try buying a bigger size then its too big, and there is not a lot of...
  2. girlyfriendcollecting

    help problems at work with a guy

    I need help with this issue at work. there is this guy I used to be friends with, he is a coworker and we talked on snap chat, we would send pictures of my day to day life but at a certain point he started sending nude pictures and videos of himself to me i stopped being friends with him and...
  3. girlyfriendcollecting

    would you ever get back with someone who cheated on you?

    If a guy slept with another woman wile with you would you leave right away? if so would you ever get back with someone who cheated on you? If after twenty years of marriage, your husband cheated on you would you divorce? I would divorce anyone who cheated on me. No matter how much time I have...
  4. girlyfriendcollecting

    worried that parents can hear my vibrator

    I am worried my parents are able to hear my vibrator, my mom walked in on me with a vibrating toothbrush under the covers. (I loved that vibrating toothbrush for that). I stopped masturbating after that. at a certain point I let my self do it again and now I cant stop, I feel like masturbating...
  5. girlyfriendcollecting

    can I get a guy who is into math or science?

    can I get a boyfriend who is interested in math or science if im not good or well informed in it? I really want to learn math but its really hard for me and the math I learn I forget because I dont use it. I also dont have the will power to learn everything and go really indepth. I know it...
  6. girlyfriendcollecting

    how can I deal with strong emotions for a guy?

    I have this aquanitence I have known for a long time now, his parents have been my parents friends cince I was a kid. this guy is my age. he acts nice twards me. but im pretty sure he dosent like me more then a friend.he dosent even treat me like a friend, he dosent want to hang out with me...
  7. girlyfriendcollecting

    how to become friends with benefits with someone?

    I know many people say have sex with someone you love but I'm getting anxious to try sex. I want to be exclusive about it until one of us gets a date because I need a sexual outlet and i really cant wait to try sex util I get a first boyfriend. how do i bring it up to a guy that I want to try to...
  8. girlyfriendcollecting

    how to grin and bear it during periods?

    how do I pretend Im fine during periods? I need to pretend Im fine during periods because I don't want to have to explain to everyone I have one. my parents don't believe I get that much pain during periods but i get really painful periods. I get overemotional during my periods, and my parents...
  9. girlyfriendcollecting

    who cheats more and are we supposed to be monogamous?

    science shows that man cheat more then women and I think it makes evolutionary sense. I agree men are less monogamous.they are supposed to impregnate many women to continue our species their genetics. I think we are supposed to be monogamous both men and women.because its hard to raise a child...
  10. girlyfriendcollecting

    dad does productive hobbies how do I get them?

    my dad has really productive hobbies, he reads books on chemistry and physics, he watches documentaries I do too but I don't like to read, I mainly watch more comedy he mainly watches educational things. Why is learning so boring? I love lectures but I never remember after it what the person...
  11. girlyfriendcollecting

    how can I workout and keep big boobs?

    I'm trying to get abs and I feel my abdominal muscles are working after all the sit ups (only exercise I do at home in front of dad) but my boobs get a lot smaller, its like I'm burning boob fat rather then stomach, and my stomach is not getting much smaller, this is the biggest problem with...
  12. girlyfriendcollecting

    ?get a gym when I dont have much money?

    how can I afford a gym membership if I don't have enough money? or a better way to put this is there any way to get the health benefits of a gym I mostly do muscle building without buying a membership? I cant run because I have bad knees. I really want to work out to look better to protect...
  13. girlyfriendcollecting

    have you ever gone back to date a guy from high school?

    have you ever gone back to dating a guy from high school that you were friends with in high school or just knew him and not as friends? did they want to date you? I just wonder if this is an appropriate thing to do to people you don't know that well.
  14. girlyfriendcollecting

    what age are people on here?

    there needs to be a poll section where people just want a one sentence answer for a question. What age are people on here? I just dont want to be posting super sexual questions and young teens to be seeing it and getting ideas. I'm 21. and in college. I'm also guessing everyone on here is...
  15. girlyfriendcollecting

    friend causing mental distress

    I have this new friend that we got along very well until now, I just found out that they are vegetarian and I'm not. Then he told me that all non vegetarians or vegans are killing animals and are immoral. this has just caused me so much mental distress and pain.I don't want to be known as...
  16. girlyfriendcollecting


    I have just felt really sad, I want to use the word depressed but I haven't been diagnosed. I cant afford therapy, my parents insurance does not cover therapy it dose not even cover doctors visits until you build up enough money. I have no good friends my closest newest friend has not been a...
  17. girlyfriendcollecting

    where to look for guys?

    thers is probably my favorite topic I will probably be posting most things in this one. I just feel like a forty year old virgin. I turned 21 this year and I am still a virgin and I'm dyeing on anticipation to try sex. I feel like I'm the only one who has never tried it, I have never even had a...
  18. girlyfriendcollecting

    New to this site, hoping for this one to work out

    hello, I just joined this site, hoping for this one to work out. my last site had way to many creepy guys on there. I got too many personal messages asking me too personal questions and then it lead to physical attacks on me and put downs. I left because I was not getting enough responses and...