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  1. Annabelle6

    Hair Treatment

    thanks for sharing with us.
  2. Annabelle6

    What your favorite website to buy Handbags?

    Amazon is best for every kind of online shopping.
  3. Annabelle6

    Do nurses wear panties under their uniform?

    I’m not sure why a nurse would not wear panties under their scrubs,I imagine the male nurses wear their version of underthings likely not panties, but I am unwilling to confirm this.
  4. Annabelle6

    Online but not necessarily entertainment

    Because we live in the same society that's why we face the same problem.
  5. Annabelle6

    Girls Drawing Girls!

    nice work.
  6. Annabelle6

    ur favourite websites!! :D

    garmentprinting.com.au facebook pinterest
  7. Annabelle6

    Looking for Best natural Skin Remedies

    The secret to clean skin is the ability to recognize that not single product or routine will actually help you achieve that. Skincare products are complementary to lifestyle habits/ choices. Below are my tips. Drink enough water, get plenty of sleep, and use a cream with SPF. These are the...
  8. Annabelle6

    skin care routine

    My skincare routine is pretty simple. Morning - warm lemon water (vitamin C) which is good for detoxification Then I eat some almonds and dates which contain good fats which keep your skin supple. Not so dry, not so oily. I have a little chubby face, and I like to keep it that way on purpose...
  9. Annabelle6

    skin care routine

    USE Makeup removal.
  10. Annabelle6

    Problem with fashion

    she already told us she lives in a very conservative family.
  11. Annabelle6

    How do you...?

    I use the hair removing cream
  12. Annabelle6

    What are your favorite clothes to wear at the moment

    I recently started wearing leggings instead of jeans as its too hot and humid to wear jeans. And guess what? I fell in love with those leggings. I mean,they are really very comfortable,soft and easy to maintain(obviously cheaper than pair of jeans).
  13. Annabelle6

    Bras and tank tops

    In general no. This goes for many dresses or tops also. If you are small busted as I am you don’t need a lot of support. On the other hand if you have large/full breasts you may find that a bra gives you better support. I have a couple bra tank tops and wear them under some of my tops where I...
  14. Annabelle6


    looking good work in your side
  15. Annabelle6

    About direct links

    we want to use the garmentprinting for my working strategy. if i use just a single link in picture. it will work or not?
  16. Annabelle6

    Irene Davis from Miami

    Every girl like fashion.
  17. Annabelle6


    welcome to friends zone.
  18. Annabelle6

    Hello, nice to meet you all

    always welcome hand for you!
  19. Annabelle6

    I had a random Question

    Tell with us what hapend with you .