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  1. davie2010

    Versatile and classic dress styles

    I need to buy a dress for an event I’m going to next month. I’d like to find something that I will be able to get a lot of wear out of. What is a great dress style that can be dressed up for formal wear or down for more casual wear and can work for multiple seasons. I know the lbd is a staple...
  2. davie2010

    What TV series have you really loved?

    Having to stay home so much I’ve found myself wanting to get into more tv series. I just got through watching Schitts Creek and really loved it. Does anyone have any recommendations for good tv series to watch?
  3. davie2010

    Cute UPS guy...

    So a week or two ago, when I was coming home from school I ran into this new really cute UPS guy who was delivering packages to our building. He was fumbling with packages but still held the door for me. We chatted for a couple of minutes... he was so sweet and had this gorgeous smile. So, like...
  4. davie2010

    Happy Galentine’s Day!!

    Wishing all you girls out there a happy Galentine’s Day! I hope your all able to do something special for yourselves and/or loved ones today!!!
  5. davie2010

    Dressing during the pandemic.....

    This pandemic has been so weird in so many ways. I've noticed that it has seemed to completely change the way people dress everyday. A lot of us don't leave our house so we are not wearing outfits we would otherwise typically wear during the day. I was finding myself staying in my pjs or...
  6. davie2010

    Long distance relationships

    So I have been talking with this guy who I met online for a few weeks now. He seems really sweet and attentive and I love taking with him so much. We have a lot of similar interests and he is really interesting and he is also really interested in what I have to say. The only problem is that...
  7. davie2010

    Ponytails - are they bad for your hair?

    I have been wearing my hair in a high pony a lot lately - it seems to be my go-to style these days. However, I heard someone saying that high ponytails are bad for your hair. Has anyone else heard or experienced this? I definitely don't want do be doing anything more that might damage my hair...
  8. davie2010

    Hair Straightening

    My hair can really be an issue for me sometimes in trying to get it straightened. It is somewhat thick and is a few inches past my shoulders in length. I worry a lot that i am damaging it a lot from the heat of the iron. Does anybody have this same issue? Also, is there a good straightening...
  9. davie2010

    Hi everyone!

    I'm so happy to have found this site. I'm a transgirl in the middle of her transition which is a scary but exciting time for me. I can't wait to learn from all of you and discover all that this site has on it.