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  1. missy23232323

    Friends with exes?

    hahaha macho...u r soooo mean.:D
  2. missy23232323

    New Menbers: Hi everyone!

    Welcome Jhona, not sure if my English is any better but I am willing to help you.:)
  3. missy23232323

    Boyfriend doesnt invite me

    Maybe u need to have quiet talk with him. 15 months of relationship is something significant and u are not going to waste it but if u fear him and not communicating with him, then im afraid it will not last. Even if it does, u wont be happy so really its better to nip the problem at the...
  4. missy23232323

    Ex and new boyfriend

    Sher is right, u should look at long term and if u know in your heart that u love dave, then go for it and approach him to reconcile your relationship. I live in Australia so tell me where john live and i punch him up, lol.
  5. missy23232323

    Can't talk with my crush

    talk abt something that u know both of u have in common...like places or areas both of u live? or tv programs that u both watched? any similar interests like celebrities that you both like? music taste and maybe u both can go to concerts together? hope these help.
  6. missy23232323


    if he is looking at those naked girls instead of yours, i will be worried. but if he looks at them together with u then it might be kool bcus i think your sex with him should be great.
  7. missy23232323

    Last film you watched?

    I saw SING the animated movie abt a talent show....at times it was touching, made me shed a tear, lol.
  8. missy23232323


    Yea LadyJen is right. Start with simple gesture...and when the ice breaks u will feel much more relaxed.
  9. missy23232323

    Crush...I think He likes me. How do I tell???

    Also u should pay attention to how he describes the other girl bcus that will reflect the person he is. If he doesnt say nice things or being boastful then perhaps u should re-assess whether he is right for u.
  10. missy23232323


    Hi dancingdreamer, Lilia and Pamela....nice knowing you. Im Sabrina from Newcastle Australia....not Newcastle UK, lol ...
  11. missy23232323

    Is my boyfriend normal?

    yea i agree with ladyjen - fetishes are a bit weird and sometimes could progress to something else...maybe weirder?
  12. missy23232323

    A Huge Buying Faux Pas!

    I have these clear straps....maybe I have bought an inferior quality ones but I found them to be too sticky to my skin or shoulder to be comfy enough. I now simply wear strapless if required. Only problem is i'm quite booby so with strapless I cant really run too much.....booby slip happened to...
  13. missy23232323


    Hi and welcome Laura...nice meeting you.
  14. missy23232323

    is it my fault?...

    Ummm, sounds like your bf is not really as ready as you are to full commitment. He must have realised that moving in is big jump...and possibly might affect his lifestyle or freedom?? Personally I would go a bit slower so he doesnt panic.
  15. missy23232323

    Hi All :)

    Its a bit cooler today with 24 max. But last weekend was around 36 degrees. Cant wait for autumn, hehe. Muah...
  16. missy23232323

    Coping Hi and pasting to All!! :)

    Hi Avni....welcome to this site.
  17. missy23232323

    new here

    Hi welcome Shelbs!
  18. missy23232323

    Question about bikini waxing

    i cant afford waxing so i simply trim when required. And sometimes some bit of shaving to get a neat finish. I do a bit more now its summer bcuz i go swimming a lot.
  19. missy23232323

    Must Have Fashion Trends

    im always into casual tank and shorts, not dresses, lol....perhaps thats a student look?
  20. missy23232323

    Hi All :)

    kool....is it hot in adelaide at the moment?? its very very warm in sydney now....3 days ago we had 40degrees. i hate the heat, makes my face goes sticky...and my armpits smells faster:D