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    worried that parents can hear my vibrator

    Masturbation is a private activity, so it should stay that way. You wouldn't like to hear your parents while they are engaged in sexual activities, so you shouldn't make them listen to yours either. Just find a quiet way to do it.
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    Favorite scary movie??

    My favorite genre is psychological horror. I see some deep feminism in "The Shining" as well.
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    Should i follow his orders ?

    Do you really need to ask if you should follow his orders?! You shouldn't follow any order in a healthy relationship. If you do that, you will harm yourself and him. Your current friendship and loves dies and will be replaced by a new boss - obedient relationship. My suggestion: Just tell him...
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    Cutting down a tree

    Do you have to cut down the whole tree? Can't you just cut the branches which hit the window?
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    What's your religion?

    No religion. Just science.