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    Get rid of Pimple

    If the medical cream didn't help you or the results turn to be temporary then give a chance to home remedies. I had used it and eventually its start showing up results. You can also try any of the home remedies for pimples to get rid of it. Use Cinnamon powder and honey - Mix 1 spoon of...
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    Split end treatment?

    Even I was getting the same problem a few months back and I don't like to trim or cut my hair. Split end occurs due to dryness, uses of the harsh product and styling tools. Although my mom says not to use this and she suggested me few tips might help you also. Gentle comb your damp hair - many...
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    How to make hair stay straight?

    I think you should start using smoothing shampoo so that your hair can become manageable. My personal recommendation smoothing shampoo is Moroccanoil Smoothing Shampoo, 8.5oz. Furthermore, stop using a round brush instead use a paddle brush.