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  1. shanzi


    Hi welcome
  2. shanzi

    Help me with this

    Wot is that? It sounds painful
  3. shanzi

    Introduce Yourself

  4. shanzi

    Why is my daughter not wanting to wear skirts?

    Maybe she finds them To tight Some to loose so when the wind blows they just flick up and put her underwear on display 3. Some boys use skirts to try get to girls underwear more easily so she could want to avoid them There could be many reasons so try to accept she doesn't want to wear...
  5. shanzi

    How do I know if the guy I like is flirting with me over text?

    I'd say he's flirting with u, flirt back a little and see how he responds. I'd love to keep hearing from u about how this develops for u. Gd luck
  6. shanzi

    Which famous celebrities do you follow?

    Probs my fave models like gigi Hadid pop groups like little mix just any1 I like tbh
  7. shanzi

    What are your favorite clothes to wear at the moment

    What do u love to wear at the moment during this lockdown For me it's just really comfy clothes like a cute warm jumper with my grey joggers and a pair of big fluffy socks especially as there is some snow where I am at the moment. What about you guys?
  8. shanzi

    How do u deal with new love interests

    Hi, this is some really great advice, hopefully lots of girls will use it ik I definitely will.
  9. shanzi

    I bought this online. Hope it was worth it :)

    I have that too, I just ordered some clothes online which rarely do and it included some joggers cos I need more to survive this lockdown and I'm terrified cos I'm rlly short
  10. shanzi

    I bought this online. Hope it was worth it :)

    It looks gd
  11. shanzi

    Is this creepy?

    I don't think it's that creepy to b honest and the age gap I wouldn't say is an issue seeing as ur both adults. With ur friends we'll try to talk to them about it and tell u how u feel. They r probably only being judgy cos they care bout u and don't want u to get hurt. I'm sure if u talk to them...
  12. shanzi

    New boss.

    I'd say that this is pretty creepy and u shud report it
  13. shanzi

    How do u deal with new love interests

    Feel free to share how u deal with new love interests for example 1. Do u let the guy approach u or other way round 2. Do u wait for him to ask for ur number or do u ask for his 3. Do u txt him first or does he txt u first Pretty much how do u deal with new crushes please share and help...
  14. shanzi

    i have a bit of an issue

    Of course I definitely will
  15. shanzi

    Lip Plumper

    I use clear lip plumper that comes in a tube tho I wouldn't go for cheap ones as they don't do the job properly
  16. shanzi

    i have a bit of an issue

    Gd advice and planning on talking to my bf bout this and getting his advice too
  17. shanzi

    What products do u girls use?

    What beauty products do u use this can include makeup and other beauty products too. How do u like to apply ur makeup?
  18. shanzi

    i have a bit of an issue

    That's actually some pretty gd advice, just 1 last thing that bothers me is that when ever we argue he says he has a gf and doesn't need me but then y does he keep messaging me again, do u think he cud b making it up? Not that I care that much tbh
  19. shanzi

    Stuck in toxic relationship

    Hey hon, listen I've been in the exact same situation read my post called I have a bit of an issue it's very similar situation. I'm now in a very happy new relationship try ur best not to go back into a relationship and look for a new guy who deserves tho even though it may take some time it...