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  1. sandy brady

    Is braces worth getting?

    i would advise getting them. i had them in year 8 ( so about 10+ years back) and now i am so happy to get the straight smile without having to pay, the earlier the better :)
  2. sandy brady

    Should i get a boob reduction?

    Its really a personal choice. Whatever you decide just make sure you get done at a reputable place, check their reviews, read about the surgery etc, stay safe x
  3. sandy brady

    Bad experience at work

    I dont really think he did anything wrong, he is within his right to want to know the working environment and have a photo ID , not liked he asked for something inappropriate. startups tend to have a close nit group so maybe he was being friendly. I do think you should not take things to heart...
  4. sandy brady

    I love it!

    hi, glad you are enjoying it and its helping you, wish i had the same motivation haha
  5. sandy brady

    Is it true?

    ah i dont think thats love, it just sounds like a crush. eyes get dilated depending on light, closeness of the object ( person) you are looking at so its not a real say. Butterflies are just a crush
  6. sandy brady

    What do you prefer to wear?

    Am either in jeans and a jumper or skirts and a top. No in between lol . Some days i feel like i want to be extra cute and go for girly skirts etc. Other days am like " urgh, work, jeans, shirt" lol
  7. sandy brady

    I can’t choose - what do I do

    from an outsider view, it sounds like David is not into you but is just keeping you around till he finds something better, bit of a jerk. Lucas sounds more honest I think you are just bored lol, do you acc like any of these guys or do you just want their attention. not judging, i have been there.
  8. sandy brady

    Toxic guy??

    hits her? thats a red flag. am literally about to freak reading this. if she doesnt find this alarming, girl i dont know. I think you need to let someone know he is aggressive with her.
  9. sandy brady

    I'm stressed out.. Can anyone help?

    oh yeah, am easily stressed, just do something relaxing, take a bath, reflect on life to see if there is anything you can improve to avoid that :)
  10. sandy brady

    What to do when your male friends continuously make fun of you because...

    men always joke, most of my friends are guys, they make jokes about everything but they dont really mean it. They make jokes about my height, the men i date, my savage blunt nature, just do it right back :)
  11. sandy brady

    What was your childhood dream?

    i was undecided, i wanted to be a pilot, then realised the hectic life, then i wanted to be a pharmacist then realised 7 years in uni, no thanks. in the end i wanted to be an engineer, so here i am : )
  12. sandy brady

    Need some help

    Christinegirl is SAVAGE, I love it. Very true. Depends on his intentions, if its like " oh your very pretty and laid back, but for prom, it would be so much fun if you changed up your look and wore a pretty dress" thats a nice way to say please dont wear jeans next to me in my suit. but if it...
  13. sandy brady

    Are there any 10 minute exercises that I can do to make me lose weight?

    10 min exercises are very good, IF you do like 3-4 of them a day. for example, my job s got me sitting 8-5 pm. so when i take 10 min breaks, i do squats, push ups, i run up and down stairs etc. Its NOT the only exercise, it would help maintain your weight but not lose any.
  14. sandy brady

    I’ve been played...help

    I agree with Christinegirl, dont waste your time on revenge, you want to be living your life not wasting it trying to mess up his.
  15. sandy brady

    Toxic relatioships

    Absolutely its mental and emotional abuse.
  16. sandy brady

    another shoe to die for

    well if you got it, flaunt it. my 5ft1 self needs this :)
  17. sandy brady

    My boyfriend got angry because I bought clothes with money he earned

    dont be there for him when he wants. he didnt want to talk when you did, but when he wants to he expects you to be there? fool. time will pass x
  18. sandy brady

    another shoe to die for

    Rhonda you are killing me with this shoe addiction, its fuelling my own shoe addiction! I would buy these! you are gonna look Gorgeous
  19. sandy brady

    A question about sexuality

    ah i would say leave her be, she ll figure it out eventually, am not sure why she keeps switching but maybe: she runs into a hot man, now she likes men she finds a hot girl, now she s a lesbian she ll figure it out, as long as she s not physically changing herself, getting surgeries that she...
  20. sandy brady

    When will he propose!!!

    congrats :) hang in there :) least you know its happening :) prep yourself to look extra cute and just wait