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    Eyebrow threading

    For Eye brow I think this article will help you: www . fashionstrendy.com/10-easy-steps-to-get-perfect-eyebrows-at-home/ 10 Easy Steps To Get Perfect Eyebrows At Home: Best Tutorial
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    how to be pretty

    Any woman can be pretty with health, good clothes, the right makeup. The most important asset in life to us is good health. Without good health, you cannot be beautiful. Nutrition is perhaps the single most important contribution you make to good health. And in eating to be healthy you may...
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    What is fashion?

    Fashion is most often thought of as a global industry that is invested in anticipating what we wear and how we wish to appear to others. But fashion isn’t just a business. It’s also a cultural and social phenomenon, driven by the desire for the new. As such, the industry can never fully control...