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    The importance of adopting or owning a pet

    The importance of owning a pet can never be stressed enough. If you don't own a pet, then you are missing out on having the company of an animal that can never make a mistake. Pets add happiness to a person's life. But owning a pet takes responsibility. You must be ready to take care of a pet...
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    What do you do for fun?

    I never experience going hiking, and I think it was fun! I love to try it, but I have this scared feeling....maybe because I'm not an adventurous type of person? :)
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    Need some help

    I agree! You don't have to change your look just because others don't like it. Wear what makes you comfortable. Never mind your boy! :D He would have no choice but to accept your choice of clothing.
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    Dankeschön :)
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    Looking for Best natural Skin Remedies

    Hello. I have read several articles about skin problem remedies and many reviews say that CBD product is effective for dry skin.
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    Toxic relatioships

    Hello. Never hold on to someone that makes you miserable and commit the same mistake. Just let go and forgive. Do it not for your partner but for your self. I've been in a toxic relationship also and I feel happy that I let him go. Now I enjoy being single. :)
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    Heels problem

    To reduce pain, you can use heel lifts or shoe inserts. Or you may apply ice to your heel for 10 or 15 minutes, two times a day.
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    Hello everyone, I'm Marga, 32 years old from Berlin. I'm glad that I came across this forum. Excited to learn and share ideas here. Nice to meet you all.