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  1. Countryangel7

    Ok What Is Going On With My Body????

    Ok so I am 18 and have had my period since I was 10. I was suppose to get my period 11 days ago and I've been having lower back cramps, side cramps, and ovarian cramps. I have to keep peeing and it feels like my kidneys that are hurting. Well today i am getting brown spotting here and there. I...
  2. Countryangel7

    Hello everyone

    Welcome to the site Fatemah :) were so excited to see you here !!!
  3. Countryangel7

    What's going on with my body .

    Ok so On June 28th ( today is July 18) i went on a date to the movies with my boyfriend he is 15 i am 17 , i am not allowed to date till i graduate and i was with my mom and she said i could go to the movies with a friend so i went with him we have been together 2 years. we sat at the very top...
  4. Countryangel7

    Do you support abortion?

    I am AGAINST abortion. it is killing a living being. if you don't want a child then give it up for adoption. and you shouldn't having sex till your married anyway(unless raped).
  5. Countryangel7

    Whats your question?

    If you have any questions post them here and i will try to answer the. if they are more private you can just private message me and i would be glad to answer them for you the best that i can.
  6. Countryangel7

    What is your way of working out and staying fit?

    running is cool, i like to do dirt biking and four wheeling a lot
  7. Countryangel7

    Every girl has a love story

    ok well mine is my one and only but i moved schools for the first time when i was going into 9th and i met this guy there we didn't really hit it off at first actually not till the end of the year but we were friends within like 3 months of school. but he asked me out and hen my dad found out...
  8. Countryangel7

    What is your way of working out and staying fit?

    Wow sounds like we have a lot in common. :) it's always good to meet people that have same interest.
  9. Countryangel7

    What is your way of working out and staying fit?

    My way would be with yoga, boxing, and horseback. I also work around my farm/Ranch.
  10. Countryangel7

    What's your religion?

    I am a Christian. I Believe Jesus dies for our sins and rose again on the 3rd day . :)
  11. Countryangel7

    How to do a messy bun?

    Ok so this is literally probably the easiest hair style and iv'e watched like what seems a thousand vids on how to do a messy bun and iv'e tried a lot of different methods but none of them seem to work ugh. any tips of advice.? i have Long Long, Layered hair and side bands. my hair is also kinda...
  12. Countryangel7

    What to wear to a conference?

    I would say its time to pull out the little black dress :)
  13. Countryangel7

    Nail Art Contest

    I was thinking maybe a green blue ombre ( the sky and grass ) and little Daisies but im not sure.
  14. Countryangel7

    Hi Ladies :P

    Welcome, I think we have a lot in common. Tennessee is like my second home, i was born and raised in SC. I also love horses and i live on a horse farm. I like to consider myself a tomboy/Girly girl im both.
  15. Countryangel7

    What,s you style ?

    What's your style girls? To answer my own question my style would be Western, country, boho. ( and sometimes a little retro) but mainly country western.
  16. Countryangel7

    Last film you watched?

    id have to say that's probably one of my favorite scenes.
  17. Countryangel7

    Last film you watched?

    I just recently watched Tombstone, its a great western movie.
  18. Countryangel7

    Which site to share your daily looks and style?

    i don't share my daily pics. or style.