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  1. Christinegirl

    I cheated and I like the boy I cheated with

    We're all human. We all make mistakes. At least you're honest about it and you feel bad about your actions. Too many guys aren't emotionally strong enough to take responsibility for their actions - it's easier for them to blame someone else. At least you'll know, from now on, not to get...
  2. Christinegirl

    Girls, how many of you wear a girdle?

    P.S. I just remembered, Rhonda333 posted a pic of a woman in her underwear at the beginning of this thread and it hasn't been deleted. I was referring to two posts from two different members, showing pics of actresses/models in their underwear (again, tasteful pics - with even less of a...
  3. Christinegirl

    Girls, how many of you wear a girdle?

    I'm sorry, hon, but that might be considered inappropriate. (I've also seen posts of ladies in their underwear - tasteful pictures - that were deleted on this forum.) I don't jiggle and I have plenty of "junk in my trunk". :D (That's one of the reasons I like wearing two or three layers. It...
  4. Christinegirl

    nail softener!`

    My dad used to soak his feet in warm water for 10-15 minutes before cutting his toenails - to soften his nails. :)
  5. Christinegirl

    Help me out please

    No apologies necessary, hon. That's the beauty of posting in forums (unlike Twitter with their limited character space! :p :D) - our posts can be as long as they need to be. :) It sounds like he might be interested in you on some level but he might think of you as just another "face in the...
  6. Christinegirl

    Girls, how many of you wear a girdle?

    As I mentioned, it's the owner/administrator of a particular forum that makes the rules. I suggest discussing this issue with him, the next time he visits here. (Or discuss it with Solitaire, the forum administrator.) But I have seen posts deleted because a product was mentioned. Nobody is...
  7. Christinegirl

    Does anyone else love Gorillaz?

    ♪ I hadn't heard of them, before, but I like the orchestra in the background of their music. ♫ :)
  8. Christinegirl

    Girls, how many of you wear a girdle?

    The reason I mentioned you might not want to name specific brands on this forum (unlike TV and other websites/forums) is because the owner of this forum doesn't want us posting live links - it is considered advertising (as is mentioning specific brand names) and the post just gets deleted with...
  9. Christinegirl


    Hi, shahriar. Welcome! ⛲
  10. Christinegirl

    Girls, how many of you wear a girdle?

    {You might not want to name specific brands as it may be considered advertising/spam.}
  11. Christinegirl

    Girls, how many of you wear a girdle?

    Two (or even three) layers of control-top panty hose flatten my tummy (and they don't seem to be as "bulky" or thick as a girdle). But it all comes down to what we feel comfortable using. I'm glad girdles work for you. ღ
  12. Christinegirl

    Girls, how many of you wear a girdle?

    You know what I find that's even better? Wearing two layers of control-top (or even regular top) panty-hose (in the winter). They're easier to get on, they improve my figure, :) they're probably cheaper than a girdle, and they keep the cold out from my "undercarriage" and the tops of my thighs...
  13. Christinegirl

    Need Help- Urgent

    Your post wasn't long, hon. Sometimes it takes more than a sentence or two to explain something. :) I wouldn't be surprised if you do love him more than he loves you - this is often the case between men and women. A person's actions speak louder than words and you have shown (through your...
  14. Christinegirl

    Girls, how many of you wear a girdle?

    Nobody "has to" do anything. :D I don't wear a girdle and I feel like a real woman. Those things are kinda hard to put on, especially in the summer when the humidity is high. :oops::D
  15. Christinegirl

    Not all girlie girlie

    There are certain skin tone colors that look good (generally speaking) with certain colors. We're even put in categories reflecting seasons of the year. You might have heard someone saying: "I'm an autumn", "I'm a winter", etc. Which seasonal type we are depends on the undertone of our skin...
  16. Christinegirl

    Sticky Hair

    I think we're supposed to use them separately (even though a lot of combination shampoo/conditioners are available on the market). The conditioner prevents the shampoo from cleaning the hair properly. With some shampoos, we may not even need a conditioner. :)
  17. Christinegirl


    Hi. Charlotte. Welcome to Girls Forum! ⛲
  18. Christinegirl

    My boyfriend

    Maybe there is, maybe there isn't (someone else). It's not like you can find out, living so far away from him. He might think you're "easy" and more likely to have sex with him (which would explain the "I can't wait to see you" line). Dirty talking is often just foreplay and what the guy...
  19. Christinegirl

    My boyfriend

    A lot of guys like the novelty of a "new girl" but the novelty wears off. A lot of guys also lose interest in a woman when he finds someone else, especially someone closer to where he lives, someone he can do more than just talk with. I'm sorry to say this, hon, but he may have just been using...
  20. Christinegirl

    Brazilian wax at a beauty school

    I guess it depends on the student doing the waxing. :)