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    Thoughts on Kim Kardashian?

    Her family always standing at the brunt of the wind and the tip of the wave, but I have to say she is the most regular person among the Kardashians.
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    Do you like online shopping for clothes?

    I am so addicted to shopping online. When I first order online, I just want to find something cheaper. But now it's not my aim for getting cheaper goods, but an addition to surf on the Internet. Sometimes I can get something by only paying less money, but it takes much more time on the internet...
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    What is fashion?

    Fashion is what I wear to make me feel comfortable and confident, and people compliment me look great!
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    Isn't normal when a 26-year-old girl never into a relationship?

    There are a great number of my friends never into a relationship. Oh, yes, I have to say that I am my friend. There are some heartbeat moments when I wan a teenager, but it's just a split second, and it wouldn't last. I am a little regretful but I don't think it's a big deal. But with time goes...
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    Hi, there! I am fresher here.

    A coincidence to find this forum, it looks very great, I think I find a great place to communicate.