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  1. _Jessica_

    I need advices!

    So in my whole 17 years on Earth, I have only been in 1 relationship that only lasted for 3 months. I have had multiple crushes but most of them I haven't talked to and just based on their looks. But, last week I met this guy for the first time in my life and I immediately liked him. We were at...
  2. _Jessica_

    Does he like me???

    So, in my school boys and girl are separated from each other but I like a boy in the same bus as me. He's so handsome, so I decided to sit behind him at the bus. But I notice that whenever I arrive at the bus I notice him standing outside beside the bus like he's waiting for someone. But when I...
  3. _Jessica_


    Hi I'm Jessica, 16 years old. I love music and fashion! I'm looking forward to this forum.