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  1. Rhonda333

    I've got a flat chest and it's not growing.

    well dear there's always implants
  2. Rhonda333

    a husband who need to be self-independent

    snowy. you have a serious spelling problem dear.
  3. Rhonda333

    Dress sense

    J Peterman sells shirtwaist dresses based on the 1940's dress that women wore back then. I love them and have several. Big wide hems, fitted at the waist, sometimes a belt and then fitted over the bosom. Very feminine.
  4. Rhonda333

    "Classy dinner party" ensemble

    "flats" and a fedora at a classy dinner party? Not my style girls.
  5. Rhonda333

    Morning workout?

    Early mornings are best for me. I'm a runner so I get out about dawn and run 4 miles most mornings. I carry a Ruger 9 mil in a fanny pack because I'm always alone.
  6. Rhonda333

    shoe size puzzle

    Get started Christine- I'm coming to you!
  7. Rhonda333

    shoe size puzzle

    Agreed, 90% of women will wear a size 10 or less, so how come the very small market for larger shoes can readily buy size 11 and 12 in a designer shoe.
  8. Rhonda333

    shoe size puzzle

    Maybe someone can explain why women's shoes in most store stop at size 10- which shuts me out since I'm an 11B. But with designer shoes that cost a lot more of course, they generally go to a size 12. Seems unfair to tall women.
  9. Rhonda333

    Dress sense

    I prefer cocktail wear and its almost always appropriate. I only own a few gowns and when I need one I can always rent. Another problem, I don't have the jewels to go with gowns- but it turns out, you can rent those too.
  10. Rhonda333


    I would just put it down as a very rude young woman. But as Christine suggests, just be observant.
  11. Rhonda333

    Would you want to be a fashion model?

    I could never develop that zombie facial expression.
  12. Rhonda333

    What would you do if you were wearing a bikini, and your top accidentally fell off?

    Never had it happen to me in a bikini but I did loose a boob over the top at a wedding when I reached for a tossed bouquet. The men threw another bouquet for me to catch.
  13. Rhonda333

    Any classical music fans?

    Me too. Love the old masters.
  14. Rhonda333

    Girls, how many of you wear a girdle?

    Controlling my butt jiggle is specially important to me. A few years ago I had a butt implant to round out my figure and bring my lower body into proportion with my upper. It did that just fine and I was pleased with my contours. But no one told me I would jiggle when I walked and it was...
  15. Rhonda333

    Girls, how many of you wear a girdle?

    Start with all black dear.
  16. Rhonda333

    Back to School Dance

    MY gosh- what is she taking- I need some.
  17. Rhonda333

    Girls, how many of you wear a girdle?

    Gilliane- I feel just like these other girls report about wearing a girdle. Smooth and a well controlled figure. Agree with Charlene too- Men respond quite predictably to seeing a mature woman in bra and girdle. Love it.
  18. Rhonda333

    Need help finding a decent workout legging!

    I know your pain dear. I went to India and had hip/butt implants to bring my lower body in proportion to my torso. Suddenly I was a 16 down below and had to send my companion out on an emergency pants buying mission. I get by now by buying a 16 or an 18 pants and having the waistband shortened...
  19. Rhonda333

    Describe Your Style

    I like a LBD like what I wearing. Also partial to black hose and of course stilettos.