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    Awesome! so what did you think of it? compared to first? I think the movie is set to come out in November...maybe for my birthday? XD don't worry.... i won't get busted...i'm pretty good a sneaking...jk...lolol busy, busy busy today...forgot i have to go to Dr. appointment after school.. :( my mom wants to stop at H & M after that ....so that should be fun. Do you have a favorite store?
    your makeing me blush!!! :) lol omg....this book is sooooooo good!!!!! i am totally enjoying it! i'm at school now...taking a min in study hall to sneak onto GF :) I get out at 2:30....YAY! i'll probably try to sneak on again later ...shhhh...... don't tell anyone..hehe
    awww...... Katniss...my Sis...you are the best!!! thanks so much for being so nice to me :D i have to go now to because my mom called me for dinner...but i have my homework done...so after dinner...i can get back to my bood!!! :D so while you are sleeping softly...i'll be finding out all about Jack's secret...i cant wait!!! sweet dreams to you too Sis!
    with love,
    Prim :)
    LOL!!!! ok, ok....laughing is good...i totally agree...so lets just laugh with abandon XD just so you know...i am totally laughing out loud here in my room! omg...it does feel like forever...but yours is much closer....so lets make sure to celebrate it! wow, you will be 20..how awesome :) that is a special birthday!!! i'm already starting to think about your birthday surprize :) oh...how exciting about your house....i'm going to want to know all about how it is going....i totally luv it! omg...our rooms willl look alike, how cool! yeah...i was just thinking about how it'll remind me of you...<smilling> i have soooo much fun talking to you! and i'm even getting my math problems done inbetween..****e you are sooo good for me! XD -ur lil' Prim L)
    omg...... i'm soooo sorry to be killing you...that is the last thing i want to do..ok, from now on...no-more-laughing. i will say nothing funny. not one thing...k? ok...deep breath.....now....i'm ALL serious. JK...lol....just about being serious...but dont laugh too hard cause i don't want you to get hurt :p so....of course i love gifts.!!! hehe...jk, well, sort of...lol so my b-day in October 10...a loooong ways away. How about yours? so, yeah, i am kind of serious about the interior design thing..i do love it and i watch all those house and design shows on tv. omg...that is soooo cool...when will your house be finish? what will it look like? that is so exciting.. a fresh palate for designing :) yeah..i guess thats what i like about design...its included creativity! yeah...i definately have to have purple and black in my room!!! oh...i for got to tell you that there is a little picture of Katniss in the corner of my bulletin board...!
    ok...ok...i will stop praising you....you know your amazing, i know you are amazing...so like why keep saying it over and over. LOLOLOL jk....no no no..not jk..:p yeah, architecture is pretty cool...i am sure she will do well (and make a lot of money, and but me gifts...jk).. i hope you didn't mind me asking...i love knowing about rooms for some reason...maybe i will be an interior designer someday...:) browns and beige sounds nice! my room is smalll too... the walls arer a light purple (yay for purple!) and the floor is a light brown. my bed, dresser and small desk are black. i have some posters and pics on the wall and a mirror....
    well...Katniss...you do make me smile and thats a great thing! yeah my sis is FAR away and so i only get to see her like twice a year. She is studying architecture...which is pretty cool! she is really smart...like you. So....in my mind you are famous on your own without your brother! :) and he is very lucky to have such a famous younger sister (and he should keep his promises to you!)..- so there!!!! :)
    so am am there....YAY!!! and..... i made you laugh...YAY!!!! there is nothing better than to make your adored older sister laugh!!! :D :D imagine...me...little Prim...making you happy...how wonderful!!

    so...let me ask...what is your bedrrom like (colors, decoration etc...)?
    awwwww.....i'm smiling for sure!!! :) yeah....i feel lucky to have such amazing older sisters (including you :D). She is 20 and goes to school in California. I am hoping that we will live close to each other when she is done....wow..your brother is on tv? that is really cool...but i'm sorry to hear about his broken promises..that hurts i'm sure... if my sis did that, i think it would hurt... maybe he will realize one day and grow out of it..... oh.....and what a lucky younger sister you have!!! i would love to be in her shoes! (oh..yeah...but now i am!)
    thanks for being there for me Sis!
    -Prim :)
    oh...and THANKS SOOOO MUCH for letting me read a few pages :) i'll have to remember that about making you laugh when i want something from you :D:D but i promise i will be strong.... just a few pages then i will wait till after studying :)
    awwwww..... thanks Katniss......i mean Sis....i mean Zoe!!! :) i feel safe and protected for sure XD so yeah..... i have 1 sib...an older sister. she is really nice and we get a long really well...she has always been a great big sister for me and i've gotten a lot of great hand-me-downs from her :) . but i don't get to see her much because she is off to college now :( how about you...do you have sibs?
    oh!! Yes sure i know Bahrain
    Your name is so nice mashaallah !!
    My name is Hajar,
    Have you a facebook account, Zoe?
    I'm sooo happy and glad to meet you sister !!
    Where do you live?
    I like to know more about you ^^
    Is Zoe your real name?
    omg...i love your rant! you are so right.... it really does get irritating.... i guess we just have to find ways of getting around it because i don't think society is going to change very quickly...:p hehe...i don't think you are as coward as me...and i know you are smarter...thats way i am sooooo happy that you will protect me :)
    ok...ok..ok...of course you are right...no reading until my studying gets done :( its so hard - but i have to be strong... but maybe just a few pagers first? jk....lol do you get sucked into books like that too? its not all books for me...but this one is certainly doing it for me!
    I'll try to choose the one more suitable 4 me thank u dear
    I'm from Algeria, so you're Arab girl? Where do you live now?
    I like novels too but i didn't read too much of them ...
    I like Aghatha kristy novels and Charls Diskens ..
    Do you understand Arabic??
    wow....you said it all so beautifuly, but i think you are right.... but i think its the same for both of us... wanting to experience different things! i think its really important to experience new things... but i bet it does get fustrating when doing anything different is so frowned upon by everybody :( i think here...doing things that are different is not as accepted in some places, but in a lot of places....especially the cities... is well accepted.

    oh...and your right..i can talk tough...but i am definately a little coward.. i will look for you protect me as i can tell already that you are much stronger!!! :D

    oh.......but i don't want to study... i HAVE to find out what happens when Alice meets Jack's family!!!
    I study maths and informatic (programmatic) and i have to choose math or programmatic 4 the second year (i don't know what to choose) >_<!
    So eng is your official language.
    I like reading too but i read usually in arabic, sometimes in eng and rarely in french ^_^
    Do you like novels??
    oh...yeah...and i am still totally enjoying the book...its hard for me to put it down!
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