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    Hi! Wanna chat? :)

    Hi! Wanna chat? :)
  2. xxCatLovexx

    Who's ur favourite Football player

    I don't pay attention to sports, including football. I'm not a sporty person xP
  3. xxCatLovexx

    Should teens be allowed to trick-or-treat?

    Lol I am going to stop trick or treating this coming Halloween... I don't think it's very fun. It's just candy, after all. If it was Iwako Erasers instead, heck, I'd stay out as long as I could. NOTE: If you don't know what Iwako Erasers are, google them! They are so cute and fun to collect...
  4. xxCatLovexx

    No, not really... hbu?

    No, not really... hbu?
  5. xxCatLovexx

    What do you like to do in your free time?

    Sounds cool :)
  6. xxCatLovexx

    The best women's magazines?

    Lol. Thanks. :)
  7. xxCatLovexx


    Welcome to Girls Fourm :) Message me if you want to be friends and chat.
  8. xxCatLovexx

    Another newbie ^^

    Hi! Welcome to the Girls Fourm :) You can chat with me on here if you like.
  9. xxCatLovexx

    What do you like to do in your free time?

    Oh, really? :D Everybody likes different music. If I could hear the kind of music you listen to, I probably wouldn't make fun of you.
  10. xxCatLovexx

    What color goes best with blonde?

    I think Dark Green or maybe Neon Pink would look good and stand out in blonde hair. But, that's just my opinion, and it's your hair, just do what you like with it. :) I have naturally brown hair by the way, I wish I could get something cool, like highlights, but my mom won't let me. :(
  11. xxCatLovexx

    Hi! Sorry I haven't been on in like, forever, but I started to lose interest in Girls Fourm but...

    Hi! Sorry I haven't been on in like, forever, but I started to lose interest in Girls Fourm but now I have decided to go on here again, I really have nowhere to go on the internet anymore. :/ Lol so yeah I'm back. :) And I hope we can chat again and be friends.
  12. xxCatLovexx

    Copy Cats - Ok or Not okay?

    Well, when people copy you, usually it means they like your style or look up to you, which I think is a good thing. But if it gets out of hand, simply ask them to stop. If they don't, tell them how you feel, and how you are flattered but at the same time annoyed.
  13. xxCatLovexx

    The best women's magazines?

    Well, Woman World is good, but if your a teen looking for beauty magazines with alot about fashion and makeup, with advice, articles, and quizzes, Seventeen Magazine is probably a good choice. :becky: But if your an adult and like beauty magazines, I suggest mags like Cosmo ( It's the name of...
  14. xxCatLovexx

    How Did You Find GirlsForum?

    Well, I am pretty sure I was just searching through endless google results and websites about a good, fun, and safe fourm for girls, and I found this one :)
  15. xxCatLovexx

    I made this on Sumo Paint.

    A lot of times for weird reasons I feel like I am lying to people when I am really not.... Oh and by the way. Thanks for liking the picture :D I have some other pics on that account, if you want to see them to. I was just kind of proud of that particular one you saw.