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    how do you dress at work?

    Mmmm, Mmmm, it's gorgeous
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    getting ghosted?

    Hi Kristin no at all,I think you've got the right to know why he's been treating u this way ,and he should know how much hurt you are because of his behaviour. Wish u good luck ;-)
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    Big dilemma

    Well u better try to understand your boyfriend 's situation first and try to solve things between u and let luv play his role in this, yet if nothing seems to be solved just move on but Don't get involved with The other guy till u break up with your boyfriend first, wish u good luck :-)
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    how do you dress at work?

    hi, i'm. student actually i'll b in college next October. But I do agree with u, dressing up is necessary for a job like yours so keep it the way u like just make sure you're happy with it :-)
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    do u have issues with ingrown hair too?

    Dear pinkcandy thx. For ur help yes Exfoliating did work and i just figured out that the reason of ingrown hair on my legs is because of waxing but The problem went away once i got back to shaving, i appreciate ur help :)
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    do u have issues with ingrown hair too?

    Hi girls I've been suffering for a while from ingrown hair in my legs after shaving and they look terrible it really bothers me plz do u have any suggestions to get rid of it ?
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    Crush on 3 guys!

    U should be sure of your feelings but from the way u described the lst u should get him girl just be sure he likes u too
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    Re-growth of hair & upper lip hair

    I really have no ideas for your first problem but for the second why don't u try threading becoz for waxing u gotta wait for the hair to grow a little bit to be able to waxe it again and for hair removal cream it causes the hair to grow thicker
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    Recommend A Book!

    The fault in our stars by john green it's great story you should read it girls What's the auther's name? Ireally like vampire stories i'd like to read that one UOTE="nobelnatalie, post: 15510, member: 1367"]Vampire Academy- such a great story! But the only crappy part I wish the authour would...
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    What Are You Listening To?

    I'm listening to Zack knight looking for love
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    The guilt is real.

    My doll it's not your bad he's a bit late, just be honest to him better then dating him and you're not really that into him coz you'll be kinda deceiving him this way
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    What's your opinion about Miley Cyrus?

    It's true that she's going totally insane but I still like her and her songs