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Recent content by Tabitha1950

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    Do you wear makeup at most times?

    I'm old I must! Atleast foundation and powder. Sometimes I will wear a lipstick or stain and if I am going out to an event/party/get together then I will do eyeshadow.
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    High Heels.

    It really depends on your height. I wear a short heel or flats most of the time (1 inch or shorter) due to my age, I used to wear higher. My daughter works in the business world and dresses business casual-professional every day. She is short and can get away with tall heels so hers average...
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    Add to Your Accessories!

    Oh I haven't worn a choker in years! They can definitely be just the thing you need for so many outfits.
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    Which color of dress do you like best?

    Black! It helps with my figure. :)
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    exfoliating on sensitive skin

    Try using a powder based scrub! I had the same problem and switched to ora's amazing herbal face powder scrub and add water to it. it's all natural i found that its not as coarse but still does the job. also you may need to put a face oil on after to help sooth and condition the skin.
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    softer feet

    I use a mix of salve and body butter then put socks on, super soft! (currently using oras amazing herbal for both but i've used vaseline and b&bw and others as well in the past)
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    How do I hide bad dandruff

    scrub hard and rinse well to get as much out as possible then brush the top with a comb and don't go super close to the roots so you don't scratch more up. I have to do this whenever my scalp gets sunburned and starts peeling.