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  1. Solitaire

    Need Bra Help!

    ^ Do you realise that Cupcakeluv101 has not been active here for the past four years, and will in actual fact now be a 20 year old woman. lol
  2. Solitaire

    Child Abusers Run Rampant as Tech Companies Look the Other Way

    ^ @Lexidrine I feel it's now only time that I respectfully request that you stop using this forum as a religious platform.
  3. Solitaire

    Christmas Wishes

    ^ No, Jack just happens to be my husband. lol
  4. Solitaire

    Birthday gift

    I really hate to say that you're just a little late with this idea, the thread is almost a year old and the OP has not been active since.
  5. Solitaire

    who cheats more and are we supposed to be monogamous?

    Would you please be good enough Not to bump such old threads, this one being almost three years old. As yet I've simply haven't got the time to search and close these threads. Thank You.
  6. Solitaire

    Suggestions Thread

    I regret to say that the forum App does not have that facility, and that you need to make contact with @GIRLS (avatar is at the top of this thread) who actually owns and runs the forum.
  7. Solitaire

    Suggestions Thread

    What exactly is a night mode/dark mode please?
  8. Solitaire

    Facial hair problems.

    Coconut Oil or Aloe Vera might help.
  9. Solitaire

    Christmas/Holiday Wishes

    To all members and friends both old, present and for those to come may I wish each and every one of you Please do take care and stay safe Solitaire
  10. Solitaire

    Whats your dress size?

    I'm a UK size 12/14 and jolly proud of it too.
  11. Solitaire

    Confused But Tempted

    Hi charlene. I've just activated your communication set-up to enable you to send and receive private messages to Rhonda333. All you need to do is click on her avatar, then click on the button saying start conversation and just follow the simple instructions. Should you experience any...
  12. Solitaire

    Which Dress?

    Ladies, this thread is somewhat out of date, because if you look closely the "event" took place some 10mths ago.
  13. Solitaire


    rabbithabit & sandy brady Today I have sent private messages to you both, please respond ASAP. Thank You.
  14. Solitaire

    I need your help!!!

    Well as we all know "It Takes One To Recognise One".
  15. Solitaire

    I need your help!!!

    Ladies. Please do I ever YELL? Of course I don't! lol