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  • Oh,Thanks for your wishes!

    And wow,After hearing your news.I am excited (Dunno why,even though I am not gonna be there XD ) Ha ha.
    I hope you enjoy there.
    And meet some guys ;-)

    Man! You live in mumbai? Did you met up any film stars by chance? :-D

    I live in Cal. Nope,I am not Indian by native.
    I'm half chinese and half indian XD

    Strange? Yeah.I know xDDDD

    BTW,On the photo,it was me and my sis. It was my birthday and we went to Pizza hut. XD
    OMG! Hi.Scorpi!!
    It's alright. I know how life can literally,take over us XD

    It's good at my side.A new semester is gonna start this April.I'm waiting eagerly for that.I really hope to make friends and I -dont- end up being alone XD

    How about you,hun?

    BTW,I live in India too.
    Are you a true indian (I mean,Are you indian by both of your parent's side? ) .
    I am not. xD

    Where do you live?!
    Hey Scorpy girl, eveything is just fine on my end. Nothing major happening. I got promoted again but the payrise isn't for another 3 months :-(

    The bf is still the same loving lil monkey that he is!! Lmao. He said hi and to babysit me while he plays his playstatin!! Lol.. What an idiot.

    So you've got lil bro with you now huh?? Is this practice for when Scropy girl has lil scorpys to run around after?? Hehe.

    We seriously need to catch up missy.
    Where's my girl been?? Still working hard and making that money huh?? Lol.. I miss you Scorpy-girl.. Come visit me next time you're online ok??
    I am fine what about ya?
    No it's an Arabic name means the being awake with your soulmate to the morning ( good time)
    It's alright,I understand..

    My end : Terrible. On march,I'm having exams D;

    Plus I wouldn't be able to come on GF...

    On a positive note - i'VE got a HAIR CUT!! ;D

    You poor thing!! Try to relax and find sometime for yourself... and your boy. Poor thing must be missing you sooo much.

    My dogs anme is Sandy. I didn't name her. She came with that name and I didn't want to confuse her with a new name.

    It's so good to have you back missy
    Scorpy-Girl!! Wow, long time no hear. I've missed you so much. Guess what??? I have a dog! As soon as my CD ROM is fixed I'll send you a pic. She's starting obedience school on the weekend. My bf's dad made a full recovery after his heart attack, which is great. Im not even going to comment on how crap work has ben lately though lol.

    How about you? How are things going on your end? Other than being flat out at work? Hope you've been keeping well and taking care of yourself? Welcome back missy
    Hey sweets, Im all good these days. Had a pretty good start to the year. Im ready to get fired up and have an awesome year. Other than my partners dad having a heart attack everything else has been fine... How about you? Other than been rushed off your feet at work? Anything else exciting happening at your end?
    I did check them out! They look so good!! I could do with something like that now actually!! Lol Such a naughty album sweets! I gained so much weight over Christmas I feel disgusting! Haha
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