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  1. Rebeka

    Love This Pocketbook

    OMG this is so beautiful real beauty. If you don’t mind, how much it is? Did you buy it from GUCCI ?
  2. Rebeka

    Help Me Find These Boots!

    I always like this type of shoe so bold enough and represents your personality. I do love boots during winter time otherwise I never prefer boots
  3. Rebeka

    Whats your dress size?

    I usually wear size 4 and 6 (US based) as I am so thin but before couple of years ago I had really good shape of body. That time whatever I wanted to wear I could and everything perfectly fitted on body. I miss those days, those youthful life
  4. Rebeka

    Is my marriage worth it ???

    I understand your feelings and how much risky you are in with that guy. I am afraid of one thing he can hit you anytime. Men always try to control their partner or wife or their girlfriend but sometimes they choose very extreme way, they never think a girl or woman can manage a family, can make...
  5. Rebeka

    Facebook posts!!!!!

    Nowadays one question comes out in my mind is that does Facebook really make us more closer with our friends and family?? And another thing is majority people in Facebook they post their happy things every times but personally I know they aren’t but somehow I feel really anxious when I see...
  6. Rebeka

    Do you consider laser hair removal ?

    I must recommend laser treatments, hence it’s expensive but end of the treatment you will see the results out nicely. I have taken this treatment with 6 sessions, it’s reduced my hair growth and smooth my skin. However, after finishing your session,you will notice few hairs grow up in your...
  7. Rebeka

    New Short Hair Style

    I love your first picture it looks so perfect for summer. You can easily bun your hair or ponytail. In the second picture, you looked glowing cause of your smile. That smile goes with that haircut.
  8. Rebeka

    that s me

    Welcome to this group
  9. Rebeka

    Have you ever cheated by strangers!!!!

    I didn’t mean anything I faced the same thing what you faced in night club. However one day I went to overseas, on the same flight one handsome guy seated next to me. He was so nice polite with a good manner and entire flight we were talking so many things. When we arrived we exchanged our...
  10. Rebeka

    Just Joined Today!

    Hi Megan Welcome to this group. I also found this group the same way you did. But this group is really awesome and friendly environment with lovely girls. You can talk whatever you want to know and to help. Looking forward to know you more
  11. Rebeka

    Have you ever cheated by strangers!!!!

    Yeah I understand the situation. Sometimes it’s beyond the control to stop them especially in the night club. Apart of the night club have you cheated by any strangers??
  12. Rebeka

    Have you ever cheated by strangers!!!!

    What’s your story girls!!!!!
  13. Rebeka

    How Long You Date Before You Get Married?

    I dated with my husband for 3 months but it was my bad decision. I should spend more time with him rather than getting married. From my point of view, at least take 1-1.5 years for understanding a guy. Guys are so mean and they lied a lot beyond our imagination. Never trusted their every words...
  14. Rebeka

    Unsupportive husband

    Hi everyone, I am facing some problems with my husband. Those problems are kind of intangible. May be I had lots of expectations from him. Main problem is that he is not supportive at all and we have been married for 10 months before he was my boyfriend and dated with him for 3 months. He...
  15. Rebeka

    New Growth

    I did laser but my hair growth wasn't too much . So I have taken 6 sessions and each session cost was around $AUD 120. But end of the session you will see the outstanding result. You can try laser