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    Toxic relatioships

    I think if someone is making rood comments about you all the time its a form of abuse and it's a form of domestic violence as well so it means if someone is doing that to you it means that they are not right for you
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    Corona virus

    Me my mum and my brother live in the UK and the rules that are in place are very heavy and now they are saying that if anyone doesn't self iscalate will be fined 10,000 pounds and people are not allowed meet any other people out of the house including people in the support bubbles but I wonder...
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    Corona virus

    I think the government like to control people with putting lots of restrictions in place and I wonder if the government are spreading covid19 on purpose to infect people and to keep people under control with there restrictions in place and they seem to would like to drag it on for years and I...
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    Corona virus

    Covid19 has affected my mum's life badly my mum my brother and me haven't got in any taxis to go to any town or city that's near us since march this year my brother has been only to the local corner shop and me and my mum has also only had been going out locally for some air and with all these...
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    I like my ex again... but I'm still in a relationship right now

    Why dose someone keep taking off my posts they keep saying that they are duplicates but they weren't all about the same things and i might of mentioned similar things in some of other people's threads but its natural to mention ones own life to other people in conversations I would like you to...
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    My last guy is straight up the guy from YOU TV show

    I would advise you to keep away from this guy I don't think he's suitable for you
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    Pls help!!

    I know that you are excited about this guy but I would advise you to be careful and take things slowly I think that maybe you should offer friendship to this guy instead of a relationship because you don't want to get hurt if he said no to you or if he was rood to you if you offered anything to...
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    How to make him text me again..

    Is your thing with this guy companionship or is this post to be a sexual relationship but anyway I don't think this guy is suitable for you I think that you should split up with him and if he trys to get your attention buy harassing you just try to ignore him
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    Fun way to get compliments

    Iam okay for now thanks
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    Toxic friends...

    Yes I do feel hurt at him but thank you so much for you offering your support for me
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    Please help me!!

    I agree with you
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    Please help me!!

    Men carnt be trusted they are always doing something evil
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    About a man in the supermarket

    I do agree with you
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    About a man in the supermarket

    Me my mum and my brother went to this mans till a number of years ago and he made a funny comment about my make up and the next time he saw me he smiled at me and then after that he started winking at me I was a teenager at the time and when he had periods of ignoreing me I would get upset so My...
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    Need a little advice

    My brother used to wank off on porn whilst living under same roof as me and my mum I thought that was rather odd of him if you don't trust your boyfriend then you should leave him a lot of men are perverts and cheats so a lot of men carnt be trusted so I do agree with you