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  1. puella

    Ask a Question to the Member After You

    kiss of death you ask your boyfriend, “Does my bum look big in this?” Are you impressed with his honesty when he says, “Yes”
  2. puella

    The WOULD YOU RATHER game!

    smart blissfully ignorant or (painfully) knowledgable
  3. puella

    Why gurl's like guys?

    O Marina it's... love!!!
  4. puella

    A loo, my kingdom for a loo

    yes, cleanliness is definitely the best thing... when you eventually find one
  5. puella

    Whom do you prefer?

    ah... a cat woman. i'm a doggie lover myself, we had canines with short legs in the family home - a dachsund, then two bassets. basset hounds are wonderful.
  6. puella

    buy something for the member that comes after you

    wow!! pink varnish for my 8 toenails and 11 fingernails… and red lipstick to write scary things on the bathroom mirror. for the lucky girl after me I’ll buy 5 bars of milk chocolate, a huge tub of ice-cream and weighing scales… first the pleasure then the pain!
  7. puella

    Ask a Question to the Member After You

    never. have you ever looked into the mirror and fell through it?
  8. puella

    A loo, my kingdom for a loo

    ever had problems finding a loo when you’re out shopping in the big city? I live in London and you can’t find a public lav for love nor money, and yet ghastly men’s urinals are springing up all over the place for twenty posts I was a gossip girlie… now I’ve just become a drama queen...
  9. puella

    If you were given a choice, would you still want to be a female?

    great to see that most girls want to be girls – and as lady divine said, there’s never been a better time to be female than right now. There’s always that fascination and curiosity of being the opposite sex – i guess we’d all like to try it out for size for a day or two. Isn’t it the case...
  10. puella

    Recommend A Book!

    two e-books some high-folutin' victorian nonsense. 'within the temple of isis' by belle wagnner - a servant-girl is given the chance to become a princess... ah! Within the Temple of Isis by Belle M. Wagner and the 16th century 'heptameron' by marguerite, queen of nvarre The...
  11. puella

    I thing you like about the member above

    coz you're a nice gurl
  12. puella

    hi mnany... bet it's sunny in kuwait!

    hi mnany... bet it's sunny in kuwait!
  13. puella

    Any Idea On How To Make My Daughter Loves Skirt?

    tomboys ALWAYS turn into pretty young things - there'll come time when she suddenly realises "hey, i'm a girl!" and LOVE it.
  14. puella

    beautiful poem

    i first came across christina rossetti in a book of english verse. she fell in love a few times in her life and as a result her poetry is deeply sensitive and moving.
  15. puella

    Just to say...

    I think this is a lovely forum. it's small and intimate - not sprawling like some other forums. i also think girlsforum is idiot-proof.... i haven't found a dumb comment anywhere!