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    Eyebrow threading

    I personally like threading and believe me it isn't a hassel at all.. it's easy and quick, the results are good too.. the only thing being you can't do it yourself .. I prefer to get it done at a parlour, they do it quick and it isn't very expensive too.
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    Do you like online shopping for clothes?

    I do online shopping for clothes and shoes among other things but I try to stick to a list of certain brands as I would have already tried the right size in that brand in a store. That way I always get the size correct. However, the fun of a day's outing is lost with online shopping. So if I...
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    getting clear skin

    To add on, avoiding oily or oil fried foods can help a lot.. I have an oily skin and have noticed that drinking at least 3+ liters of water helps a lot to keep a clear skin..
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    first time to have -ex

    I agree with Christine and Rhonda.. the best is to hold on till u guys get married. It's a whole different feeling when u know u have kept yourself for the guy who actually deserved it, who chose to share your life with you.. who actually becomes your legal husband.. Also in some cultures it...
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    What shoes you wear when you go to work ?

    I mostly prefer Flats and think they are the best.. however on special occasions I wear heels to compliment the dress that I'm wearing.
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    Mini skirt

    Sweetie you look beautiful even in Hijab :) .. I had a classmate from Sharjah during my udergraduation days, she used to wear micro mini under her burqa to college. We used to call her watermelon, as she was "red" from inside n green from outside.. lol.. her parents didn't know though..not even...
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    I know I should break up but..

    I agree with Chirstinegirl too. You definitely need to move out asap. And as you are planning to move out, budget every penny you have. Keep the money for the new place apart n dont touch it. When ever u spend on something, think if u would rather like to save it for the flat. Don't be too...
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    Do you shave your legs girls?

    Personally I prefer waxing or even hair removers over razors. I'm not a fan of razors. However, I guess its important that a woman should be well groomed always. During this pandemic times, when a lot of us are working from home its highly possible that we don't take grooming as seriously as...
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    Beauty and Lifestyle Content

    Drink a lot of water, about 3 litres a day, in about 7-14 days you'll notice some difference
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    Hiii ! :)

    Thanks Christinegirl ! :)
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    Hiii ! :)

    Hello everybody, I'm Rachel, I was looking for a forum where I could discuss openly without worrying about family or friends judging me. Glad I found this forum. Looking forward to have a good time discussing and chatting with you all. :)
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    Is this creepy?

    Me and my husband have 6 n half years age gap and it has always been in my favour. He is very protective of me and cares for me. Sometimes I even feel he might be younger than me based on his actions ;). However, the point being that age gap is not going to be a problem as far as you are...
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    My husband: advice

    Well, frankly no wife would approve of it. However, if you love him and he hasn't done anything similar earlier, then you could cut him a slack this one time and keep a watch on him. Have you ever found anything else in him earlier that rings a bell now ?
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    The importance of adopting or owning a pet

    So true, they see humans as their pack and their family.
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    Bollywood Films

    My fav is Chak de india, Taare Zameen par