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  1. Paper

    Fashion Advice Needed!!!!!

    So you want fashion advice so you can appear to be someone you're not? You're a 15 year old girl who is more mature than most kids her age and you dress the part.
  2. Paper

    First Spanking

    I never got spanked when I was younger. I would get hit once, just once, and really hard.
  3. Paper

    Hello everyone! I am PJ! :)

    I don't know, I'm pretty new, myself. There are members but the majority of them are all inactive, so it seems.
  4. Paper

    Hello everyone! I am PJ! :)

    Welcome, it's kind of quiet here.
  5. Paper

    I want a baby but don't know if I'm ready

    You need to have a serious conversation with your partner about this. You shouldn't have a child until you're stable enough to support a child, let alone multiple children if you're thinking of having more than one. Also at 22, you're still very young and truly, you have more time than you might...
  6. Paper

    Talking to him first?

    So cringe-worthy. You can play the game to see how long it takes him to Snapchat you a second time before you Snapchat him if you want, because to be honest, it won't make a difference. Guys are usually pretty straightforward. If he didn't send you a Snap right away, he was probably busy doing...
  7. Paper

    Name One Thing Why It Is Hard Being A Female

    The stereotypes are ridiculous, true. I think the hardest thing about being a female is the judgement from OTHER females. Bitch, please.
  8. Paper

    My sister is bigger

    My 16 year old little sister has bigger boobs than me, as well. Smaller breasts means serious fashion advantages, my friend. For instance, low v-neck dresses are sure to look better on you than they ever will on her, because she would have to worry about her boobs slipping. Many kinds of dresses...
  9. Paper

    Friends with exes?

    I'm only friends with one of my exes because we broke up on relatively mutual terms. I can't say things are how they used to be, though...
  10. Paper

    Do you go for style or comfort?

    I'm usually forced to compromise because I'm very bad at hiding my discomfort. My rule is to think about how I feel about the outfit before I actually look into the mirror. If I feel off in it, then I'm not comfortable in it and during the day I won't be totally myself, so it's better I go for...
  11. Paper

    Black lip stain

    Well, blackberries don't actually have black juice, despite the color they are on the outside. So I doubt your "black" lip stain will actually end up being black.
  12. Paper

    Paper or Plastic?

    Hi, I'm Paper. These forums seem pretty bare... it's kind of sad. So much potential. I'm a high school student specifically studying music and art. I excel in theatre and music performance. I'm here for actual advice when I need it and to be brutally honest towards others when I don't. That's...
  13. Paper

    Hip Dips.

    I need help... I'm very skinny but I have prominent hip dips. Hip dips are... well, you either love 'em or you hate 'em. Most girls hate 'em. I've always been insecure about mine, especially. I'm going to prom this year, and most prom dresses I've found cling to your waist and thighs...