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    My Boyfriend Keeps Talking To The Girl Who Told Him She Loves Him

    Okay so this girl clearly does not like to see you two together. In my opinion you should make it very clear to your bf that it's not okay for her to disrespect you like that and he should see that too. It is kind of strange for him to stay friends with her and I would not accept that. If he...
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    I think I am in love with him but I'm not sure if he feels the same way.

    Tell him. He is going back anyways so why don't take a little risk and confront him? If you don't you'll probably always wonder, what if..? + Let's say in case he doesn't feel the same way, he will leave eventually and you will feel less awkward.
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    Is age a big deal??

    So I just bumped in to your topic and I'm not sure what the status is right now. But in my opinion it really depends on how old you are right now. The reason behind that is because like... when you're 14-17 your brain works waay differently than someone that is 7 years older than you. But from...
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    What do guys really want?

    Well I don't think you're JUST friends, I have to disagree with Rhonda. A lot of people don't think a relationship needs to be asked for or needs to be confirmed. What I mean by that is that some people do not think it's necessary to ask 'do you want to be my boy/girlfriend' or 'we're in a...
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    Need Advice!!

    Okay so, this might be a very late response but I just came across your topic. I don't think one of you did something wrong. He is a very good friend of yours and he knew you really wanted that watch. It was just a kind gesture of him. It's ridiculous that we're in this world where we can not...