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    The Either\Or Game

    Hair up Fall or spring?
  2. motherof3

    Saying Hi, Newbie's here!

    Hi nice to meet u. Hope u like it here
  3. motherof3

    Which Kind Of Pants Do You Like The Most (poll)

    I like jeans but can't wear them right now
  4. motherof3

    Ask a Question to the Member After You

    Baby blue. What's ur favorite season.
  5. motherof3

    The Either\Or Game

    Coffee Hot or cold
  6. motherof3


    Hey ya hope u like it here. Nice to meet u
  7. motherof3

    What u like

    Oh I thought I covered that ok sry
  8. motherof3


    Omg its very hard but I'm holding up. Just try to stay busy well one of them is in school so its not so bad but now that its getting warm out its ok
  9. motherof3

    whats better

    I agree with that.
  10. motherof3

    Hello Every one~

    Hello nice to meet u
  11. motherof3

    Sleeping patterns

    Yea let's hope so. So far so good
  12. motherof3

    Sleeping patterns

    Yea I acutally got some good sleep last night for the first time in a long time. Yea I'm glad its Friday myself
  13. motherof3

    Sleeping patterns

    I'm really thankful for all the tips I will try them n c if they help at all thanks
  14. motherof3

    Sleeping patterns

  15. motherof3


    Yea I hear ya same here. I'm so tired of this cold weather. I hate this cold weather. Can't wait till it says 90 degrees.