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  • Oh you guys!! Thank you! Il take a pic of my prize and post it so you can see ok? It was my birthday yesterday too so Yay me!!
    hey maniac!!!!! congrats gurlie on winning the contest!!!!!! :)
    mmuah!!!! ohh will miss u too during the Xmas time!!!!
    .....Hey Scorpy-girl, my cat is still remains nameless.. The poor little thing. I know what you mean about being online and being the only one around... I get excited when I see you guys around.
    I wont be online from the 25-28 Dec. We're going away to the beach. Im gona miss you guys.

    and SNOWY!! I feel like we haven't chatted in YEARS!! How are you my dear? Christmas Eve is on the 24th of December Christmas Day is 25th and Boxing Day is 26th... Lots of Prezzys and food and wine and sun... Oh I love it.....
    No!! No wrk on sat n sun! But yeah it was boring at home too!! trust me gurlie, the day went fast due to GF! ;)
    I kno even whn I am online I rarely see our friends here! Anyways u take care.. Ur cat is a male rite!! Hav u found a name? I havnt thought of a gud one yet!! If i get a crazzzy name, will surky let u kno sweety!! :*... Ohhh I cant wait 4 Xmas to come.. Hop v have a lotta excitement too on GF during Xmas!!!
    oh yeah!!!! i did get ur note!!!!! it was in the bottom left corner!!! :)
    I am doin perfectly fine nw!
    Oh yeah!! was having a slight asthma, due to the weather shange n all... But back 2 normal nw!:)
    Hello Snowy... Ive missed you too. We haven't had a chat in soooo looong!!! We must put a stop to that!!! Lol

    Scorpy no worries sweets!! We gota stick together right...
    hey sweety. There was a thread called "would u rather " in the advices section. It was talking about who will take the step of birth control, after having kids.. The man or woman. I moved it 2 the birth control section. Nw the user who made the thread is sayn thr was no need 2 move it frm the advice section. Plz do chk n lemme kno wat i shud do
    Hey Scorpy... I've been working and really busy organising bdays and functions... Its so good to be able to catch my breath again
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