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  • hey! do check out the Xmas cakes in my album... a friend of mine forwrded me this mail! i was like droolin!!!
    lol!! well my hair was in a bad shape!! so had to get the hair spa done!
    wow! seems u hav njoid a lot gurlie!! it must have been so much!!! Glad u had a gud time!! dolphins n shark n all... must have been a crazy ride!
    Well i guess I dint make it into the naughty list this year! have been a gud gurl! take care n keep in touch dear!
    yeah my new years went gud!!!! U had gone somewhere 4 vacation rite??? Hw was it darlin? hop u all had a gud time!!!
    This new years we all dint go out n all, but had a gud get toghethr with frnds at home! wine n dine lol! Will pass on ur regards 2 my guy! Do tell me hw ur vacation was! Oh yeah i did some shoppn n went 4 a gud hair spa! hehehe
    Happy New Year Sweety!!! Hope ur new year celebration went gud! Take care!! God bless u always

    Im going on holiday for a few days starting today so all you girlies, have an awesome holiday. Im going to New Zealands paradise, Sun, surf, sand, BBQs on the beach and hot lazy days under a palm tree with a Pina Colada within arms reach!! I want to know what everybody got up to when I come back as well!! Full details

    Take care, don't do anything silly, I intend to drink enough to sink a small cruise ship and Im sure a few of you are too (Scorpy-girl!!) Lol

    So have a safe and happy holiday season. 'see' you when I get back... I miss all of you already *pours shot* but Il get over it Lol


    lol, home schooling is going ok =)

    I actually miss school... =(. But anyway, thank you. I hope i do go to england =).

    As for my crush, hehe. Its going pretty well ^^. I think he might like me, hehe ^^.
    hey sweety!!! Friends dont thank each other :) and i also so badly wanted the music section... keep rockin gurlie!!!
    That sounds great =D

    I have been trying to get my crush to like, like me, hehe ^^
    I'm sorry but he is just sooo cute, hehe ^^

    Anyhow, i'm doing home school now so thats good and i might be going over to england soon =).
    Thanks a ton babe!!!! yeah even I wonder Y doesnt others know about it!!! i just love ur replies!!! U kno wat? u seem 2 b a damn creative person! Love ya sweety! TC..

    Sorry I keep askn u a lotta doubts, but whr is the moderators cp???
    maniac!! I had posted a few threads here n there!!! But no reply to that!!! Kindly help gurlie!!! as u mostly give the craziest replies.. :)
    Hey was it ur bday yst?????? Oh So sorry!!!! Belated b'day wishes gurl!!!! May u hav a rocking year ahead! God bless u always! mmuuaahh
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