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  • Hey Snowy, hope you had a good day today? Birth control aye? Some people experience side effects, like weight gain from taking the pill or the Depo shot? But everybody is different. Condoms are great for protecting yourself from STI's and lowers the chance of pregnancy but some people don't like the feeling?

    Maybe the best thing to do is to have a talk with your doctor and see what suits you best?

    I hope that helps you a little bit?
    Ok Girlys. If your a guest and just come across my page. REGISTER NOW!!! This place needs way more people!!!. If your a member it doesnt hurt or cost anything just to say hi.... See... I just did then and I'll say it again.... Hi! Easy right?

    If you want to know anything just ask and I'll reply ASAP

    Happy Chatting :D
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