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    Has anyone tried making a DIY makeup at home?

    Really? I've only seen it on Pinterest. I wonder if those were legit usable, though. I don't see many people use it.
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    Has anyone tried making a DIY makeup at home?

    I've seen lots of it on Pinterest, but the DIY mascara intrigues me somehow. Now I wonder whether someone actually does it or not. I do make my own lip scrubs but they're not really makeup.
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    Eye Cream or Regular Moisturizer?

    Most moisturizers I've tried around the eye area sting a little bit. Ideally, an eye cream is beneficial for the sensitive skin around the eyes but if you're really tight on budget, you can try and see if the moisturizer you're using now feels okay. Put just a tiny little dot but don't get it...
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    Do you use toner?

    Why or why not?
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    Dark Spots Solutions

    Brown patches may be signs of skin aging. I heard rosehip seed oil might help? Also, look for retinol and vitamin c and e in your skincare products. They help much.
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    What's bakuchiol?

    And where does it come from?
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    Hi Girls!

    That's true! Welcome to the forum! Looking forward to great conversations with you.
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    Hello !

    That looks hot! Hope to see you in the forums!
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    Post-summer skin care routine

    Wow! I didn't know you could use conditioner on the skin, too!
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    Post-summer skin care routine

    Aloe vera gel is like heaven for sunburnt skin! I have a stock at home in the fridge for emergencies, but I also make sure to use moisturizer to give it some extra hydration and lock it in after the gel. I do this morning and night. Cools the face and feels oh so great! Plus it also helps to...
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    How many times do you wash your face?

    Wow, sounds like a nice relaxing facial indeed! Putting on lotion/moisturizer without toweling off sounds new to me, but it looks like a great idea! I get that you don't really want to wash your face with cleanser too much. Sounds great, too!
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    I'd like to gain weight

    Hmm...aside from a sedentary lifestyle and aging? Well, skipping meals then eating more throughout the day, cutting calories. I think livestrong.com has an article about that.
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    Hello !

    Yay, new friends! Welcome to the forum! What types of graphics do you make?
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    How many times do you wash your face?

    Once? Twice? Do you do it when you wake up, before going to sleep? When you take a bath or shower? Do you do it in the office or school?