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    Yay~ I'm so happy~

    Yay~ I'm so happy~
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    Well i'm 11, and have the same skin tone as my avatar.
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    I'm good! How are you? And, wanna be friends? I like you <3

    I'm good! How are you? And, wanna be friends? I like you <3
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    Help please

    When I'm really scared about something, I go talk to my mom. She was onnce a girl our age, so she can probably explain it. A uterus is where your urine comes out, so you might just have a bladder infection. Bladder infections aren't that bad, so don't worry. I've had one before, so trust me. ;)
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    Early acne?

    :peep:Hi, i'm 11 years old and I think I have early acne. I get little pimples around my nose and I have 1 on my cheek. Is this early acne or dry skin?
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    Hottest footballer

    :love:Wes Welker!!!
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    Can I join your anime club?

    Can I join your anime club?
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    What type of makeup should I use (when I get to use it)? (Earthy/natural tones, bright/bold tones, etc.) (Eyeliner, shadow, mascara, lipstick, etc.)
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    Put your hands on your hips and if your 4 fingers are longer than the length of the skirt, it's too short; at least that's the way I look at it. I hope I helped!
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    "Classy dinner party" ensemble

    You could wear a fedorawith the blue sash and black flats. Yeah, Converse wouldn't look very professional. ;)
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    Does anyone has problem with the spine? scoliosis?

    It's okay. You only have to wear a brace a majority of the time. From what I heard, you don't have to wear it to bed but, it's not my rules; it's your parents' or your doctor's.
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    H E L P .. x3

    That's a good thing that you're thin! It's just a stage that we girls go through. Don't worry ;)
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    How do I get the guy?

    I really like a boy. Help?