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  • LOL!! that's the last thing I miss about school XD, teachers here suck!! but I do miss a couple of them, the ones who were extemely nice and helpful!! where did u go to school, I mean which country??
    oh, if I ever liked anything about school, it would be being around my friends and classmates!! what do u miss about it then??
    awwwh!! I know it sucks to study away from school, cause u wanna be around ppl, but u know, not a lot of ppl does so it's kinda interesting!!
    oh oki!! new info, thx!! :)
    oh cool!! I've never met anyone who's home schooled!! I've always wanted to know how is it like!! u like it that way or u wish u could go to school??
    oh I thought they change every "o" into an "a" when it's a female!! oh well, I can live with it!! thx for correcting me!! :) so u go to school in Jordan or u're there on vacation??
    oooooh that's awesome!! oki wait, I'll see if I still remember, Hola Lessie, me llama es Zoe, tengo 19 anos, yo viva en Bahrain!! is that right? XD I've been learning Spanish for a couple of years now, but I'm still not that good!! :/ wow, u're life seems complicated, Mexican,Texas,Jordan, UAE!! but it's fun to travel a lot right?
    wow, cool!! so u can speak Spanish!! I'm in love with this language!! <3.<3 so where r u living at the moment then??
    Oh I love ur name!!! it sounds pure!! XD so u're not an Arab?? or u're living somewhere else in the Arab World??
    oh ur welcome, it's a pleasure to have u on my list!! nice to meet u, u can call me Zoe, it's not my real name though!! I just use it cuz it's my fav and bcz it starts with the same letter of my real name!! u're from UAE right? so we're somehow neighbors, I'm from Bahrain!! :)
    Gosh...How absolutely dreadful for you....I do hope things get sorted out very quickly, so that you can be reunited with your mum....I bet you miss terribly.
    I take it that you will be going there with your parents surely.
    So where are you at the moment...As I see your location is UAE anyway.
    Gosh....Just how are you going to do that, you're only thirteen years old!
    And just where do you think you'll be going?
    Oh dear never mind, am sure Les Mis. is going to be around for a very, VERY long time to come...Am sure you will get to see it one day.
    Anything exciting planned for the weekend?
    No, it is definitely Hugh do all the singing...There was a documentary all about Les Mis and how it was all filmed.
    All the singing was done live with the actors/actresses wearing a small earpiece whilst being filmed, with just a piano playing....The orchestra music was put on later with the conductor syncing it to the film...Very clever stuff.
    You really should go and see it if you get the opportunity, am sure you'll love it.
    Hmmm....Did you have to remind me that he's 22yrs older than me...Thanks! :)
    I've never thought about Bruce Willis & Jason perhaps being twins, but now you've mentioned it, could just be!
    Now I've got to be honest with you, having just seen the movie Les Mis. I've now got the hots for Hugh Jackman...What a hunk, and he can sing to me forever if he likes. :)
    Lol....Well you can't have him, because I got him first! :)
    What do think about Jason Statham?...Another seriously hot guy don't you think.

    Oh, and thank you so much for your lovely friends request, naturally I have accepted...Even though you are after my screen "Boyfriend" :)
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