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  1. LadyJenfromIL

    Need help with style

    Great advice already given. I can only add that you should either wear longer sleeves to attract less attention to your arms or something with no sleeves at all. Wearing darker colors can also help.
  2. LadyJenfromIL


    If you have to try anything on that comes near your vagina, wear your own clean underwear underneath. Wash your hands ASAP after taking off the item and then your underwear ASAP after.
  3. LadyJenfromIL

    Hi Everyone

    Welcome Paris. The rules are posted and the member counts are also shown on the main forum page, but I don't know how many are considered to be active.
  4. LadyJenfromIL

    Wardrobe malfunction

    With all the low-rise jeans these days it's very hard not to occasionally show some undies. I heard Mom jeans might be coming back in style so if that happens - problem solved. :p
  5. LadyJenfromIL

    Jennifer Aniston Or Angelina Jolie?

    I like Jennifer better for him and in general. One, because we share the same name - haha. And I also just think of her as a more genuine person.
  6. LadyJenfromIL

    Wardrobe malfunction

    Agree she was very rude. I probably would just not shop there, but I guess making management aware would be a good learning experience for her. Some people are just mean though and nothing can change that.
  7. LadyJenfromIL

    What is worst?

    Thank you so much and I hope you find that special person too!
  8. LadyJenfromIL

    Prom date

    I don't see any harm in talking to her. I think if she is a good friend and she has that many guys to choose from she should share. ;)
  9. LadyJenfromIL

    What is worst?

    Thanks for explaining, Shasha! And, sorry for misspelling your name in another post. :oops:
  10. LadyJenfromIL


    I haven't been measured by someone else in a store - Yet. I would like to, but I might need a glass of wine to get up the courage. Also, most stores that offer that service have more expensive bras.
  11. LadyJenfromIL

    Hello Girls

    Welcome Sasha!
  12. LadyJenfromIL

    What is worst?

    . I'm not sure I would want to remold myself to keep someone, but you do mention "hook up" so I guess if it's for a short term gain it would be fine. :p
  13. LadyJenfromIL


    Welcome Angie!
  14. LadyJenfromIL

    Any classical music fans?

    I do like Classical music, but can't say that I love it. My favorite composer is Debussy. I tend to like modern music that is heavily influenced by Classical.