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    thanks for sharing your blog with me ,and i really like your blog it's very
    i have a note book but it's so small to i can carry it with me to any place,named it: my life -my own life
    and some times named it world of dreams
    And strongly agree with you on it's become more than just a note^.^
    Thank you very much for the encouragement me to write:kiss:
    And I'm very excited to see your blog:)
    u wlcome sweety^.^
    i'm fine thanks honey and u how are you ?
    I've written a blog here in Forum it's not Really good:( but I will try to work on it more:)
    wow that"s Really awesome:)
    thanks alot sweety:kiss:
    Sorry I haven't been on in like, forever, but I started to lose interest in Girls Fourm but now I have decided to go on here again, I really have nowhere to go on the internet anymore. :/ Lol so yeah I'm back. :) And I hope we can chat again and be friends.
    hi Kyung Mi how are you?:)
    I want to thank you for your advice that we write a Diary
    i have started to write a Diary and I feel really really happy :)
    thank you very much for your advice:hug:
    oh,thanks aloot ^^
    girl you are really so0o nice:)
    Hey I made a new thread. About something I painted digitally. Can you please go see it? I just want you to see the picture. Well, actually the picture was not showing up, so I put the web address. Wait a sec. Let me try something.

    Never mind. It didn't work XD
    Anyway, just go to the threads started by me thing to see it.
    Hey I am starting to write in a journal and stuff to, and I wrote about how you influenced my choice :)
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