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  1. Kimbee

    Hi everyone, I'm Aud

    Midwest USA
  2. Kimbee

    zzzzzzz naked

    I sleep naked. Bacteria is everywhere, that's why our vaginas have a system of flora, yeast, and lactic acid. I wouldn't worry about it as long as you keep clean like you normally would.
  3. Kimbee

    I can't stand my niece!

    What does she do that's so horrible?? If it's just because you hate your sister in law, that's not fair for your niece. As long as she's not a screaming, kicking, biting hellion, she deserves to have her aunt in her life.
  4. Kimbee

    Pregnancy Related Question

    No, you can still get pregnant. Also, condoms are for your protection, if you aren't regularly seeing a doctor, you could develop asymptomatic STDs like hep C or HIV and not know it. I would seriously reconsider letting guys finish inside unless you know their health status. Pregnancy is only 1...
  5. Kimbee

    My sister is bigger

    I have small boobs, and my sister is jealous because I can sleep on my tummy. And run. And not have to wear bras!
  6. Kimbee

    No period, no boobs.

    Get your labs done on your blood and see if you have any hormone issues. See a gynecologist, if you have multiple cysts, you could have endometriosis, which is a big issue.
  7. Kimbee

    Should I be worried about his ex?

    If you knew he was a player before, then you should be cautious. Sounds like he's trying to fool you. The reason why he's jealous is because he runs around doing his thing and worries if you'll do the same. Don't fool yourself into thinking you've changed him. He sounds like a chauvinist pig.
  8. Kimbee

    Cheat Boyfriend

    Don't wait until he gives you syphilis to walk away...
  9. Kimbee

    His penis is small..

    Yea you are 14. Too young to be having children, but you know how teenagers are! If you must learn the hard way, make sure your partners wear condoms. And understand that if you do get intimate, you still risk getting pregnant or contracting an STD. that's a Hell of a lot more to worry about...
  10. Kimbee

    Tragedy Strikes Nicki Minaj’s Tour Crew

    I never heard about this!! So sad...wonder what could have culminated to end up in cold blooded murder....shame.
  11. Kimbee

    Vikings, anyone?

    Love the history channel's Vikings! Can't get enough Lagertha...and all the men on the show are very nice to look at. Though it doesn't follow Ragnar's story completely, it's the most entertaining show I've seen in a long time. Any thoughts? Are you a fan?
  12. Kimbee

    Hello, I'm new

    Welcome! Whatcha studying?? I'm in my final year for my associates in clinical lab tech. And I do like ho-oh, though my favorite pokemon is Articuno. Bird and Dragon pokemon are my faves Procrastination station!!
  13. Kimbee

    Hi everyone, I'm Aud

    Your English is perfect! Im new too, and have had lots of fun on here
  14. Kimbee


    Seether is awesome! Also gotta mention Die Antwoord, Lindsay Stirling, Loreena McKennet, daft punk, Chevelle...the list goes on and on. Pretty much anything from Celine Dion to Lamb of God
  15. Kimbee

    Songs for a Road Trip

    You're going to want some high energy songs...check out my favorite band, Die Antwoord. They are a rave/rap band from South Africa