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  1. JohnstonZoe

    worried that parents can hear my vibrator

    If you use a vibrator, it does not mean that you are a slut. Masturbate when they are not at home
  2. JohnstonZoe

    Lashes serum, is it good?

    Do you know if a lash serum can be used with eyelash extensions? I heard that majority of them contain glycols and this ingredient is affecting the lash extension glue. Although, I'm not going to give up on them, I want to make a strengthening treatment for my natural lashes. So what products...
  3. JohnstonZoe

    Hair Straightening

    This also is a problem for me, because of my wavy and freezy texture. Since I can remember myself, I always tried to calm my hair somehow, using heavy creams, keratin, or other soothing products for my hair. Also, I’m used to apply a lot of heat on my hair, which of course is not that good for...
  4. JohnstonZoe

    Baby?? Marriage??

    Do you love him? It's just that if you're dating, and you don't want to think about your future life together, then it's not true love. Moreover, you have translated so many arguments why you do not want to marry him. I think you need to tell him now that you don't see any future with him. My...