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Recent content by Jenny90

  1. Jenny90

    What is the best advice you ever received?

    Do what makes you happy and do not care what other people are thinking (and saying) :)
  2. Jenny90

    Must haves in a girl's wardrobe!

    A black leather jacket! ;)
  3. Jenny90

    Does Anyone Know The name Of This Type Of Braid/Plait?

    This looks awesome! I have tried it a few times but it never stays for long :/
  4. Jenny90

    How Do You Spend Your Free Time?

    I love gardening! It is super relaxing and you can see when all of your efforts start to pay off.
  5. Jenny90

    Last film you watched?

    Aladdin! I loved the animation as a kid and was very excited about the movie. It was awesome!
  6. Jenny90

    Fave books from childhood?

    Beauty and the beast! Still love it :)
  7. Jenny90

    ur favourite websites!! :D

    Pinterest! I can spend my whole day there and never get bored!
  8. Jenny90

    Looking for quality linen clothes

    Hi everyone! Can someone share an online store that sells really nice quality linen clothes (dresses, skirts, tops)? I am also looking for some interesting colors like royal blue and red, if you have something in mind :))
  9. Jenny90

    I wear too much black?

    Black is perfect for every occasion and you could never go wrong with it :))
  10. Jenny90

    What Are You Listening To?

    This new song by Taylor Swift and Brandon Urie is super catchy, I am playing it on repeat!
  11. Jenny90

    Would you buy non-branded items?

    I agree with the opinions about quality! If the item looks well, I will give it a try.