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  1. JadeTora

    lunch ideas

    No problem, me personally.. I just got done eating an orange and wish I had another. So juicy, sweet and chewy. Just delicious. Hopefully my suggestions will help you. I still stand by my suggestion to make a fruit platter, most of the time fruit doesn't cost too much and I'm sure you could...
  2. JadeTora

    lunch ideas

    Fruits are good.. Fruits are always good, especially sweet and juicy fruits. They can replace sweeties and lollies entirely. High Fiber fruits are like raspberries, strawberries, apples, bananas, figs and oranges. All are great and wonderful tasting and you can get away with eating a lot...
  3. JadeTora

    What's your least favorite cleaning task?

    Another situation where I'm totally different from everyone else, it shouldn't surprise me. My most hated thing? It's not a chore or task or anything but I suppose my most hated thing is complacency. I love cleaning, I love cooking and I love being active. I however cannot stand being...
  4. JadeTora

    Peanut Butter

    Peanuts and peanut butter is actually pretty much horrible for you as a general rule. Do you realize only two tablespoons of peanut butter has 190 calories and 16 grams of fat!? that is literally the same as in a Burger King Hamburger! If I were you I would be careful how much you eat...
  5. JadeTora

    Your Workout Routines

    I'm a Martial Artist. Typically I do thirty minutes of Martial Arts forms per day ( Sometimes with weapons and I use live weapons for the preference of being motivated to perfect my form and not make mistakes since making mistakes with live weapons is different than with a training weapon (...
  6. JadeTora

    Is it just me or are people getting dumber?

    I'm not originally from the U.S, that said, I don't specifically have a problem with just the U.S so don't go and claim I'm one of those foreigners that comes to the country and randomly finds things to nitpick about. Lately though I've begun to notice the seemingly rampant incompetence that...
  7. JadeTora

    I have too small boobs

    I'm 22 and I only barely fill out a 36A - I kind of blame it in part to my having been a Martial Artist and free runner for so much of my life. Your body develops based off how you live and what you do as I understand, so that probably had something to do with it.
  8. JadeTora

    Nair cream

    :O I did that too. Good times.. Good times.. ( NOT SO MUCH ACTUALLY )
  9. JadeTora

    Forum rules?

    Very true, a weaker knit set of rules and less interference on behalf of administrators and moderators does tend to make for a calmer forum as this site can attest to. I think people are more comfortable subconsciously with a more vague set of rules. They're just expected to be nice for the...
  10. JadeTora

    Harry Potter or Twilight Saga?

    Neither, I really dislike Vampire movies and as a general rule I avoid them at all costs.. Harry Potter I've seen and wasn't that impressed with, I've simply seen better movies and read better stories. You want a really good book to read? Read Terry Pratchett's Discworld series. That's a good...
  11. JadeTora

    Been up all night

    Ah, well. I always look a bit pale ( My skin is the same color as the whites of my eyes lol ) so nothing to worry about there. :P
  12. JadeTora


    Mh, you're asking personal opinion I hope in which case; I wouldn't censor my childs viewing at all if I had one.. I think and truly believe that in the end doing such is detrimental to a childs development. Considering it this way.. The Western world ( Especially America ) see's so much as...
  13. JadeTora

    Been up all night

    Hope she's okay. Plenty of rest and fluids should do it, don't get her to move around too much.. A little bit when you're sick is okay if you feel like you can handle it but if you do too much it'll be detrimental in the end.
  14. JadeTora

    Hw 2 survive a heart attack whn alone..

    Good advice, definitely will spread this. Thanks.
  15. JadeTora

    Nair cream

    I use it on my arms too but no where else.. It's true, if you get it on an open wound or somewhere sensitive then get ready for a fun time. It'll burn through your skin and make the wound 10x's larger. I've had it happen.